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Well its time to show case some new shiny and at current prices, silver is the shiny I am referring to. So this weeks pick is for all you warriors out there. This is one troy oz of .999 silver and at a decent price.


You are looking at the 1 oz Molon Labe Silver Round (Type II, New)


Here is a little information about the this round and King leonidas and his army of 300 Spartans. Of course it is provided by JMBullion.

Although King Leonidas is often credited with delaying the inevitable advance of the massive Persian Army with a force numbering just 300 men, the reality is that Leonidas had around 1,500 men in total. Though not enough to stop the hundreds of thousands of men in the Persian Army, Leonidas was able to delay the Persians for three days and buy the Greek forces behind his lines precious time to prepare.

Engraved onto these 1 oz silver rounds is one of antiquities greatest statements of defiance. Often attributed to Leonidas at the Battle of Thermopylae, the phrase Molon Labe in Greek translates directly as having come, take. It is often translated into English with smoother modern grammar as come and take them or come and take it.

On the obverse of the 1 oz Molon Labe Silver Round Type II is the image of a Spartan warrior in the foreground with a spear in hand and all the details of his distinctive battle regalia visible. In the background, youll note a battle line of Spartans defending against the onslaught of the Persian Army. The phrase Molon Labe is engraved on this face as well.

Leonidas and his force chose a spot along a crucial roadway known as the hot gates to try and stave off the inevitable advance of the Persian Army. Leonidas and his highly-skilled Spartans could not win, but they knew it was important to fight to give the rest of Greece time to muster an army to try and defeat the Persians.

The reverse of the silver rounds includes the Intaglio Mint logo in the very center of the design field with a radial burst emanating from that center point. There is a stippled border includes engravings of the weight, purity, and metal content of the round.

You can find this round right here


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Beautiful round with a beautiful price.


I think so to, thanks Ron!

I had no idea they used my pictures for the round, oh well no you all know what I look like.

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Come and take ‘em!!!


Take'em, they can try and take'em, they ain't gettin'em tho. Appreciate ya Brother!!

Very nice pick Hammer. Great looking detail.


Thanks buddy, can't wait to get this one.

I'm interested in this one as well.