Whats your highest premium silver purchase? Show and tell.

in steemsilvergold •  8 months ago

I am guilty of liking several high premium areas bullion, coins, jewelry for the Mrs. While some bullion has a premium nothing comes close to this yet. I don't have any key dates in Morgans or Barbers but I have always like the 3 Cent series, especially the Silver Three Cent (Trimes). They are normally in awful condition and not common to see in LCS.

I think my calculations are correct - but its been a long day

Highest Premium - 7000%+ over spot

Weight .75 grams
Silver Content 90%
Total Silver .021701754 Troy Ounce
Melt Value $ 0.36
Cost $25

R75 COMBO.png

Close second Just shy of 6000% over spot

Weight .8 grams
Silver Content 75%
Total Silver .019290448 Troy Ounce
Melt Value $ 0.32
Cost $18.95

R143 COMBO.png

Show me some of your highest premium stuff!

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Wher else can you get a pre-civil war, precious metal historical, artistic, USA artifact, for under $20. Why melt it. What a bargain.


Yeah, ok, a one troy ounce .999 Silver Eagle is a pretty good deal, at $20. too.


Yup - I would never melt! I love these tiny things, but thought it was interesting from a stack perspective since to contain just a little silver. Was having a conversation about most premium piece with some friends and my mind went to spot premium for some reason.

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