Successful trip to the LCS

in steemsilvergold •  last year

I decided to run to my LCS, they have a pretty good coin selection and prices but the silver is more hit or miss. Its typically either ASE or all new modern stuff. But not today, today was a good day. Managed to get 4 bars that were a little more interesting, price was fair at 18.5 each.

A couple of International Trade Unit bars, One vintage Silvertowne and the best find. a Colorado Gold Brokerage bar.

Pretty stoked to find some older stuff there. Typically I get my best stuff from a place I only get to once or twice a year.

A few closeups of the Colorado Gold Brokerage bar.

Now if only I had remembered to take a picture of the vintage 100oz bar. I should have done some research to see if they were sitting on a collector piece. I may have to go back Tuesday when they open again.

Scratched the itch, at least for today.

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It was a good bunch of old and beautiful bars. The price was good, also.

@senstless Some fine Silver Bars from your LCS. Keep bringing postings of the Good Stuff when you come across them.................


Will do!
Love the silver community here, its fun seeing what others find and what I need to look out for the next time I'm in the shops!

Nice bars man. Vintage bars are the best.🍺 Thanks for sharing


Thanks! Some of the vintage stuff is great, plus it gets me a few hours of good reading on some of the back stories.