Follow up trip to the LCS - a few more finds and a mystery bar!

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After a successful weekend at my LCS, I couldn't stop thinking about that vintage 100oz sitting locked in his case. I wanted to go back today (closed on Sun -Mon) and see what I could find out about it. I rolled in, and thankfully it was still there. Here it is, I was so focused on the stamp, I forgot to picture the hole bar! I did not buy this bad boy - out of my range unless its a flip!

Please help me figure out what this beast is!


I set off to inter-webs to get my answers, and after an hour I got zilch. Not even a hint, or thread anywhere. I will have to see if my wholesaler has any good contacts. The LCS owner said I was the second to photo graph the bar, someone else is doing research!

Since I was there I had to get a couple of nice Johnson Matthey bars, even with the uptick in silver price these were a steal at $19. Harder to find these things since they stopped producing them.


I knew once I started buying I was in trouble. The stackitus is back in full force, I need fresh AG at in increasing rate. Now I am just waiting from some of those Antiqued coins to get posted so I can pounce on them before I spend all my dry powder!

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@senstless I love when people find Vintage Silver Bars and the Research goes into overdrive...............

Vintage bars are like good mysteries stories. You can't stop till you discover the murderer/mint.


I know, but my google skills have failed me. Its a bird, with a crown, and the letters GR, and I got 0 hits on anything close! I hope someone recognizes this thing.

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I boosted this to see if anyone can help identify this bad boy... if I still don't get traction I may have to offer a reward.