Breaking down a "recent" R.C.S. Purchase | Part 6 Silverback Gorilla

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RCS Binge - Part 6 - 2017 1 oz Congo Silver Silverback Gorilla

I used to feel bad about hoarding the RCS deals.... I felt like I was taking too much and not leaving enough for everyone else. Well, I got over it. I am a pig and I will belly up to the trough of RCS deals. Sorry fellow #SSG, I ain't leaving much behind for ya. - I told you I hoarded it all.

Breaking this down - This started before Christmas, and went on a for a big

Well if you know Rays sales, when one pops up, there is good potential for a 2nd or 3rd. So I usually take what I can, pay up, and then tell him to hold shipping for a few days. This paid off and I was able to add on a few more pieces! I am making this a multi part event. Who doesn't love a good silver soap opera!
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

2017 1 oz Congo Silver Silverback Gorilla




I struggled with the lighting on this one!! I feel like it was almost too damn shiny, blasphemy I know! The revers is almost bleached out. Good thing it is pretty boring. I managed to get two decent shots of the big fella! This is great add, especially at RCS prices and already in a air-tite. Whats not to love.


  • 3rd release in the Silverback Gorilla Series
  • Limited mintage of only 75,000 coins
  • Bears a face value of 5,000 Francs (CFA) backed by the Republic of the Congo.
  • Reverse features the coat of arms for the nation.
  • Made by the Scottsdale Mint

That is it for today - but there is still more to come! - Up Next is another surprise!



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It is a nice one for sure! I actually like the way the ape looks, too often I think they animals come across really weird for some reason.


Some of the RCM wildlife are just terrible (so i know what you mean) but that Gorilla is a badass!

I like that coin series; the gorilla is really cool :D Thought about buying that one myself.