After a long hiatus, the seal has been broken and I finally have new shiny.

in steemsilvergold •  8 months ago

My plan was working, I was resisting the urges for over 6 months, and continued to stack up capital so I could finally make a large move when the time was right. But I was weak, I broke down, I fear this will be the first of many transgressions. I will blame the weather and cabin fever, but really Provident Metals is to blame with their Welcome Back Minnesota deals.


$.99 over spot ASE
6% over spot for 1/10th AGE...
Free shipping

Got back from a business trip and they were waiting for me.
Made a dent in my dry powder, but the itch is back.... and strong. I fear soon there will be powder, only more metal.

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Stackitis is a bitch comes on strong there's no resisting that itch! Great pickup 👍


Thanks! Honestly it feels good to buy again, but glad I missed the Provident generics at spot deal this weekend. Plus those dumps by the big houses usually mean spot going to take a beating.

At .99 over spot for ASE’s you are showing remarkable strength! Those 1/10ths are beauties too 😁👍

Silver and gold coins are a pleasure to handle!

Nice - I feel that 2018 is shaping up to be a VERY good year for precious metals!