Ten Ounce Fine Silver Hero of the Trojan War

in steemsilvergold •  3 months ago

Running low on 10 ouncers. Gotta get back into the vault and take some pictures.


Here’s my other “Modern Ancients” 10 ounce round.


I donned my gloves and took this one out of its acrylic case.

I love moving these thing around in the light. Ahhh, Silver,

Based on this ancient coin. Depicting Ajax the Lesser, a commander during the Trojan War.
circulated in 350-340 BC

Here’s the back.



Another angle and the edge.


The number. Mintage was quite limited.

Back in your case now.

Thanks for very much for looking. I hope you enjoyed the post.

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When it comes in a case like that, you know it's one of the good ones. I imagine there was a bit of a premium on that one, but from seeing the pictures, it was probably worth it!

DANG!!!! Look at that 10 oz round!!! The design is so moving!

dam now thats what I call a case the silver is pretty cool also

@sbsparts I adore these! The history that influences them and the designs are spectacular. The only thing is the price that cuts. Thanks for sharing!!


Price on the 10 ouncers is bad. The one ouncers weren't so bad when they were in production.

That is one mammoth round.....dam
What a really nice design as well.

I am speechless! You surprised me again with this amazing round! Do you remember where you bought it?


I have two ;-)
Want one?


Yes. Can you reach me at discord? I am Ronaldo there.

Ajax !! cool beans !

That is one of the most beautiful coins that I ever saw. And a massive one.

I love Silver - I’m a Stacker

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