Silver Hammer -by SbsParts

in steemsilvergold •  3 months ago

Poured this Hammer.

After I cleaned it up I toned it.

Then I used a Jeweler's Cloth to bring out highlights. Here it is finished.

Then I poured a second.

The second one I didn't tone.

And that's my Hammer story.

Sbs ChanBar2.gif

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Is it silver?


Yes, I use .999 Fine Silver. Though some day I may experiment with other metals. I buy silver bullion specifically to melt into something that tickles my fancy 😉


Cool hobby smelting Silver ..

These are two Masterpieces. Both finishes are gorgeous.

I like BOTH finishes, @sbsparts! AWESOME hammers! Beautiful pieces.

that is most awesome I need to do a hammer one day you got skills my good sir


Thank you very much brother 🌽🐶

You need a solid gold hammer next.


You provide the gold ill be happy to try pouring it ;-)


Right, I'll use my Steem fortune. :9

Those hammers are awesome. You have my address just send one my way....😀👍

Wow! Just wow!

What's @silver-hammer think?

Those hammers are really sweet! Nicely done!

It's beautiful,

Exquisite pieces!! What do you use to tone the silver?


Liver of sulfur

You are a real Artist. How many details. Congratulations.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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