Silver Animal EPIC Pouring Fail - Guess the Weight and WIN!

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So I decide to try to expand my horizons and pour a silver elephant. I got my mold:

I packed the sand around it, made my sprue... heated up the molten silver. Then THIS came out of the mold.

So I cleaned off the sand and took it to the dremeling wing of my private Silver Smithing Institution.

It wasn't pretty. The master silversmiths, one of them is even a real life doctor... like with a lighty thing on his head and everything, told me they could not save my elephant.

I told them to do just do what they were able and give me back ole Stampy the elephant in whatever condition they could.
6 mil.gif

This is what they gave back to me.... Unrecognizable as an elephant IMO:

That's not my Stampy... I don't know WHO that is.

But still... wait Stampy was a girl, how did they?
In all seriousness when I was grinding away the flashing between the legs I decided to leave a couple of bits hanging down


With Stampy's new found testosterone coursing through her... HIS elephant veins... LION veins... He's decided to find himself a perch. Like Pride Rock or something.

And there he is. Changed his species, changed his gender... changed from plastic into silver. He may even want to change his name.

CONTEST! Guess his weight and win some STEEM! Guess down to the 1/100th of a troy ounce, for example 2.56 ounces.

guess the weight of the lion only, WITHOUT the silver bar - pride rock

Contest will end on Friday, mid day Chicago time. Good luck!

Until next time my friends... I bid you Adieu!

Sbs ChanBar2.gif

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Beautiful pours!

0.67 troy oz

Contest Ended...

teaser pic.jpeg

To see the final weight click the following link and scroll down.

@sbsparts You have the wonderful skill of making replica of anything by molding metals. @printskill


1.52ozt is my guess. Awesome job!

1.01 oz

That's really cool! I'll guess 2.97ozt

That sounds like a traumatic ordeal. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. Hopefully the arrival of the lion will help calm you and take away some of the grief of losing your beloved Stampy.

I think the new Stampy is 3.72 ounces of lovely, lovely silver.

Great work I don't know of many that can literally change the fiber of an animal in all ways @sbsparts but you did it sir!!
Looks beautiful and I am going to go with
Fingers crossed lol
P.S. leave the back door of the shop open so I can dremel off anything or add what I must to get to this weight lol
Thanks for sharing my friend


Ok, but bring your own Silicone Carbide tips... those things are expensive :D

6,5 onzas troys

3.33 oz of pure badassery!


3.23oz. You are an Artist!

5.32 ounces

My guess, 0.89 Troy OZ

I need something in the picture for scale but I am going to guess 2.47.


I’m in the decimal system here, im looking at the bar it’s mounted on and wondering if that’s a standard in your country of 1 oz?

Great piece! My guess is 1.19 ounces

Great piece of artwork good to gift somebody special

hiya shame about elephant, i liked the elephant, my uneducated guess is 2.68 oz thank you for this post i love doing these have a fab day respect


Terrific! So glad you like it :D

4.32 oz


2.3 oz .. Nice Work Done

5.12 ounces

1.94 ounces


Thanks bro👏👏👍👍

My guess is 2.32oz and congrats for the beautiful Lion.

Nice piece you got there.
I will go for 3.76oz

1.50 ozt - Hope am right!

Beautiful art work. My prediction goes for 2.5 ounce.

3.78 ozt

Lion was better than the Elephant anyhow..
just remember never to turn a mouse into a Tiger..
4.2 ounces is my guess..


What happens if you turn a mouse into a tiger?


The son of a bitch will turn on you !!
It's an old Indian folk tale ..

3.17oz of pure Elephant Lion Silver.

After googling how many grams are in a troy ounce, my tip is 7.41 ounces.

1.46 oz

Thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of stampy the Elephant. My guess is at least 3.07 ounces.

3.60 ounces

1.50ozt sure! Hit back

2.36 ozt.

3.40 is my guess!

Great replica! my guess would be 3.87oz

New Stampy looks like a bit of a fat ass - and I would know.

My guess: 3.57 troy ounces

0.95 oz

4.32 oz

wow, that's pretty awesome. my guess is 2.5 oz.
btw great work...!

congratulation your beautiful post is in trending...

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