Secondary Market... Furnace Fodder or Capsule Queen

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I ordered 100 random "secondary market" silver rounds... ONE of them was this

Hoffman and Hoffman:

Why is 1981 considered vintage? When spot goes way up "generics" are the first to be melted down.

Here's the back of the H&H round:

and the edge.
It's an unassuming round. Simple, elegant... very desirable.

Here's another random... I know very little about it. But it has a narrower diameter than most of the others.

And higher relief...

Another pretty, pretty piece of silver.

Some of the pieces you get when ordering randoms from the secondary market are just plum hard to identify. Of course, that's part of the fun. And every now and then... you find a rare, valuable gem ;-)

Peace, Yo!

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I like both but the second one has more appeal to me. Maybe due to a small size...

Awesome Hoffman... send that one to me, LOL!!!


Lol, your SS4L said the exact same thing.


I like it when you engage, SBS!!!

thats my plan buy lots of melt and hope to get a few gems to keep

I've thought about getting a pile of those rounds from one of the online sites, but I would want to get a good variety and they don't guarantee it. I've read some reviews that say they got all of the same one. Since I wouldn't be melting them, the hope would be that I would get 100 different ones. That will all have to wait for a bit while I reload the wallet.


Monarch Precious Metals has a good reputation for sending actual older rounds. The others are hit and miss (mostly miss).


Good to know. I'm not in a place right now where I could actually place an order, but it's nice to have recommendations from people who have actually made purchases at a specific online establishment. I don't want to get in a situation where I place an online order and then none of them show up. Thanks for the hint!

It's like treasure hunting, 100 is a nice number when it comes to stacking!

Two delicious rounds. I like them. Both different and with simple designs.

If you don’t want that H&H round I’ll swap you for it.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold