Hump Day Hundreds #4 - Random 10 oz Bars

in steemsilvergold •  5 months ago

Ok, so this one's not a 100 oz bar. But.... It's a hundred ounce order.

I bought these "Randoms" on ebay when spot was dippin' down down down :D

Here's the listing... all sold out. When I bought them it was $30 lower.

So yeah, I ended up with all stackers which... is kinda cool. Eight Scottsdale, an APMEX, & an Academy. They're not in great shape... "secondary market" but that's cool.
They're all fair game for the crucible except for maybe the Academy bar.

In the interim however,
I'll just have fun stackin' 'em!

That's it for now folks, thanks for looking.

Sbs ChanBar2.gif

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ssg toon.jpeg

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can't hate on dinged up melt

Ounces are ounces my friend. They all add to your wealth.👍

It is an interesting and 'heavy' stair. Silver is so beautiful!


Absolutely true... I spent a good part of this afternoon polishing some pieces.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold