Hand Poured Fine Silver - Name This Piece

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

The last "finished" piece of poured fine silver I have to show you is this.

that's a skull the fairy is sitting on

Last that is, until I get back into my garage and finish another piece I may have waiting for a delivery of polishing tips.
Here's the back. I didn't care for the original brick pattern and I tried to smooth it down.


But then I ran out of polishing tips and... just decided to tumble it as is. I guess... not every piece needs to arrive at the exact point you envision. I kinda like this ;-) It's acceptable.

You know... I did tumble this, but maybe it's not finished. I may polish it some more. I may antique it. It's not stamped, hehe... Anywho, thanks for looking. Tomorrow should be the reveal on my "guess the weight contest #2". PEACE!

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It is amazing the quantity of details that are present in each of your works. You must have spent hours and much work to do each piece. Congrats.

That’s a dam cool piece. Fairy of death is a good name.....👍

Nice piece!
The skull is a nice touch since you're chances of surviving an encounter with the Faye creatures is about 50/50 ...


True... hehe. I was imagining a backstory to this.

Very nice work, lots of details!👍

It is beautiful! That would certainly be a fantastic pair to mine @sbsparts! Keep pouring, my friend!

All of your collections are very exclusive!

hi, lovely work, i would name it 'contemplation' looking forward to seeing more lovely silver art, have a fab day respect

I name this piece Arwen (LOTR)

@sbsparts Awesome job and I like how the back looks like a run down building it kind of fits with the theme of the piece. I think I would called
The Shadow Fairie
Gorgeous work my friend!!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold