Austrian Gold, Check out the Double Eagles! POW!!!

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Here's a pretty little gold coin. I didn't even realize it was a restrike. I'll start with the reverse since it has the badass double eagle.

20 Austrian Coronas


Featuring Franz Joseph I of Austria

Then of course, there's the edge lettering. Pow-chikka powow!





It means "With United Forces" and it was the emperor's personal motto.

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Keep the gold coming.


I'd like to but Wednesday is Hundred Ounce HumpDay... and I don't have 100 oz of gold :P
maybe 100 grams :P

Wow, I like the reverse of that coin! It's interesting that so many coins are restrikes of the original and that they use the date 1915 on them. If you didn't know, you might think you were getting a really old coin. (I almost had this happen to me, so I know what it's like.)


It is interesting that a few days ago I showed the 4 Ducats and the 100 Corona, both Austrians, both from 1915 and both restrikes, as your 20 Corona.

man you are making me want to get more and more world coins now in gold your killing me smalls

Ahh.. you mean, 2-headed Eagle, my friend. The Double Eagle coin is the term we use for the US Gold Double Eagle, a gold coin worth twenty dollars. Congrats on that Corona! Aren't you glad they do restrikes and have the advantage of acquiring a sovereign bullion coin bearing the beautiful classic designs of years gone, a pristine coin without the wear and tear, without having to pay the price for it Much like when private mints make copies of beautiful designs of old US coins in silver generic rounds. I love it!


Oh yeah! Double eagle... I don't own any :P

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