# 366 - 2 Euro Commemoratives - Part 3

I love commemorative coins and, a few years ago, I discovered that the Euro Community was minting commemorative coins.

Each country has the right to mint up to two coins each year. They must be 2 euros, with the same face of a normal 2 euros coin and the same attributes and aspect.

The minting country uses the other side to show us what it is being commemorated.

They circulate exactly as the normal 2 euros coins.

The only exception to the rule of two coins each year is when they commemorate facts that affect the whole Europe. In this case the countries are allowed an extra coin.

They are Bi-Metallic Nickel-brass clad Nickel center in Copper-nickel ring, 8.5 g.

The first one was minted in Greece (2004) to commemorate the Athens Summer Olympic Games with a mintage of 50,000,000.

I will show all that I have, in no particular order.

Today's first is a 2004 2 Euro from Greece, commemorating the XXVIIIth Olympic Games 2004 in Athens. The twelve stars of the European Union positioned around the outer circle surround the design of an ancient statue depicting a discobolus in his attempt to throw the discus.


The second is a 2006 2 Euro from Belgium, commemorating the reopening of the Brussels Atomium.

The third is a 2006 2 Euro from Finland, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Universal Suffrage. The inner part of the coin shows male and female faces separated by a line.


I hope you have enjoyed our little walk around the euro commemoratives.

Thank you for reading. Please comment, upvote, resteem and advise me.

ssg toon.jpeg

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A very interesting series. I like the fake "Discobolus of Myron".

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I went to investigate why did you call it "fake" and the difference is in the position of the head on Myron's work. Good eye!

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Muito obrigado.

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