# 354 - African Animals - Part 9

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In 1971-72 the Franklin Mint received a commission from the East African Wild Life Society to mint twenty medals depicting wild animals that lived in East Africa.

That would be The Big Game medals.

The medals are really big! Each weights 2.1oz (65.3g) with 92.5% silver purity. The design was from sculptor Anthony Jones and they are Proof.

I have only ten of the twenty medals, but I am still looking for the others.

They will be shown in alphabetical order.

The medals are pristine, but the capsules are in bad shape and I could not find new capsules (5cm diameter).

The ninth is the Sable Antelope.



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ssg toon.jpeg


The animal is so beautiful, but the capsule...

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I have good news. My daughter bought the new capsules in Europe and is sending them to me. Now I will be able to take some photos that will show the beauty of the medals.

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