1/04 Trading Futures Update - Precious Metals-Flat, S&P500-Up, Crypto-Down

As we open up trading on the futures market, we see another attempt by the PPT to prop up the stawk futures market.

Precious metals attempted a breakout to the upside with gold hitting 1301 and silver 15.94, then they hit the PMs downward and stawks upward. Can't have PMs breaking out.

S&P500 futures are goosed upward, we'll see if it can hold.

Crypto is down, nothing much to talk about here.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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Good friend
Will be interesting to see if anything happens after job numbers in a few hours
Talk to you then brother


Amazing how they try each day to push the futures market up, there was heavy destruction yesterday, heavy volume, it too will pass, but the jobs report will be important.