You ever heard of @silverd510

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Well as you can see by that title, @silverd510 has struck again. Now ya'll have seen the treasure chests that he has made. Well today @raybrockman got a rather large box in from d510.


Now you gotta now this is gonna be special, one of a Kind and a totally kick ass piece.


This is a special kind of treasure chest, not like the other kickass ones d510 have made, nope this is a 8 shot for a very special 40 oz of silver.


Check out the craftsmanship on this thing, this thing is top shelf quality. Can you figure out what its for yet???


There it is a perfectly spaced 8 shot. Check out the back


So by now you should know what this display case is for.


Man oh Man did silverd510 knock this one out of the park....


@silverd510, dude I appreciate the kickass job you did on this for me. You are truly a Master of your trade...

Here is a little video showcasing this post.... make sure you check it out.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Make sure you go check out @silverd510 give him a follow and show a little love with some upvotes.

Stay tunned, been away for 3 days and boy do I have a lot to talk about. Steemsilverround, and some burgers worth showing.


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Wow, very nice! Love it!

OMG - That is AMAZING Craftsmanship. It looks incredible. Great Job 510.

Very nice! He's a real craftsman!

Glad that you like iit Ray. It looks so much better filled.😊


Awesome job on the display case!


Thank you

Wow! A very nice piece of work from 510. The display looks awesome 🤩👍👍

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Looks great full of silver too! Really awesome craftsmanship.

Clothes make the man; boxes the coin.

scash!tip 100


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@raybrockman fantastic way to showcase the set! @silverd510 seriously knocked the ball put of this world! Looks beautiful and shows off the set very well! Thanks for sharing!!

One of these days I will ask Sir @silverd510 to build my personal treasure chest.
It will be 140 ft long, draft of 13 ft, Square rigged, three masted, 24 guns, a Jolly Roger, complete Navigational suite, inboard motors, shuffleboard, hot tub, Party room, and a potpourri in the bathroom.

From one craftman to another, that's top-notch. To satisfy my love of wood, did he tell you what type he used?