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Are you ready? Well then, lets get this started.

You see, way back in the day a cool cat by the name of @sevinwilson had the genius idea to create a 1 oz steem silver round. It took him awhile to get all the issues ironed out but before we all new it, we where holding a real steem silver round. Now I will be the first to admit that the 1st steem round did not get the attention that it needed on the presale. Once they where released it was the hottest thing on steemit and they went quick, and at a secondary price that was crazy high. Now the designer of the 1st round was none other then the talented @bearone. Here take a look at the 1st ever steem silver round.


Ah....there she is, shes a beaut isn't she. Well once she was released, like I said steemit went crazy and suck up all 1500 of them real quick. So with that being said it wasn't long before talks where opened up about release number 2. Steem price was almost at its peak and it seemed right to move forward with the 2nd release. So @sevinwilson opened up the design contest and the response was amazing. It was a tight race but steemians had voted and the results where in, design number 2 was was ready to go to the Mint. Now design number 2 was an awesome follow up to the 1st release. It was created by #steemsilvergold very own @welshstacker. Here take a look.


Well fast forward to present time... unfortunately @sevinwilson will be a silent help on this years release. I have been in close talkes with Sevin and I think we are ready to get this started. Now before we kick this off, I want everyone to understand that @sevinwilson is the creator of this program and everything that will have to do with the 3rd release will be ran by him for his approval. So lets get started.

This is the offical opening of the design contest for the 2019 Steem silver 1 oz round.

  1. Entry period will be open for 30 days. This will allow steemians time to create another master piece.

  2. All entries will need to be posted on the #steemsilvergold discord channel. There has been a special tag set up for this. Picture to follow below.

  3. Once the entry period expires, there will be a 14 day vote period (giving all steemians enough time to vote.

  4. Once voting ends Pre-sales will start.

  5. Important All entries must be posted on the discord channel with a link to your original submission.

  6. Winning design creator will be award a prize. Prize will be determined at a later date.

Here is your discord invite link https://discord.gg/ZzpFbfT

Here is a screen shot of the area to post submission link


All entries must represent steemit, must be a good follow up to the 1st and 2nd release. Entries submission will expire on April 10th 2019

Lets continue this tradition, we will need resteems on every post about the 2019 steem silver round. As most of you know, posting on steemit has seen a decrease over the past 3 months. This is why it will be very important to resteem every post that has to do with the 2019 steem round.

Special thanks to @sevinwilson, thanks for your support and the opportunity to continue this tradition.

Happy designing.


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I’m so glad this is continuing! It shows the strength and continuity of this community and platform! Long #SteemSilverGold


It's all because of you my friend!!! Appreciate all that you have done!!!


It's all because of
You my friend!!! Appreciate
All that you have done!!!

                 - raybrockman

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thanks to this awesome community that has supported this project!


And thanks to you for just being awesome

Guess I'll have to stop buying Steemmonsters for a while.


Don't stop, just cut back!! 😎👊


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Why on Discord rather than on the blockchain like last year?

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You can post it on the blockchain, just need a copy of it on discord, to track, and for an easy reference for members.

That will be my first steem silver round, because now I have enough steem to buy one. Last year I had exactly zero steem at this time...
Do you have an idea of the price?
Will I be able to receive the same number that I have on the 2017 and the 2018 round?


Ron, we are still working on the details, but we should be able to guarantee the same numbers again.

Yay! I am looking forward to this years process and creation and can't wait to put in my order! Thank you for continuing this outstanding tradition!


Thanks for the support @flemingfarm.

I was just wondering to myself if there would be a 2019 silver round! There will be!!!!! Whooo hoo!


I am looking forward to this years designs, thanks @ironshield

I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with. Hopefully, I will be able to put something together!


Hope you can, if so, i look forward to seeing it

YAY!!! I love that tree on the second round so much. Glad to see you keeping the Steem rounds going! Maybe I'll even have a go at a design...


Would love to see what you come up with.

Looking forward to this 😎👍👍


Yeah, me too brother!

I have a design in mind gonna try to do😎

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Can't wait to see it! Thanks @enginewitty

Awesome news! Was wondering if and when the next round would be in the works. Can't wait to see the designs, and how or if they reflect the long crypto winter we've been in, and are hopefully on the way out of.


It has been a l o n g winter. Thanks @bmj

Been waiting for this all year..... I definitely have some ideas I'd like to get out there.


Can't wait to see your Idea!!

I look forward to seeing the designs, no doubt there will be some amazing ones and some that might be oh ok lol


Yep,I cant wait either

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Wow, I won the second in a raffle (thanks @pbock) but I've never seen the first. I'm going to be in line for the third! Sadly, I have no design skills, so I will be watching from the sidelines!



Thanks bengy!

Sweet, im gonna start on my design tonight. I never got round to entering this year and i've had this stuck in my head for a long time.


Cant wait to see it @silverstackeruk

Looking forward to #steemsilverround2019!!!


Thanks saver888, I cant wait till the designs start rolling in..

all hail the Steem Round !

if I can figure out an idea, I might try to submit a sketch of a design.

I need to find an idea first though 😂

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I am sure you can think of something, thanks @pbock

I missed the first, got my hands on 3 of the 2nd and can't wait to see and get hold of the 3rd! Resteemed with pleasure and good luck to all the entrants :)


Thanks, yeah I can't wait to see some of the entries.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this year's design. I hope you post them on Steem as well, and don't just strickly keep them on the Discord channel.


I plan on doing a weekly post with all entries and updates. Thanks @valth


That is good to hear. I'm not much of a Discord user, but I would love to keep up with the progress on the designs.

I really look forward to se how this turns out 😉👍 I absolutely love the rounds.
Have a wonderful evening and thank you for sharing this. Cheers! 🌹

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Thanks, have a good night as well.

I can't think of something more awesome then this so want one count me in


Thanks @corndogg42

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Looking forward to this 😎👍👍

Awesome but I'll leave it up to someone who has creative flair. I'll be grabbing one for sure.

Yea, time for the new round! I can't wait to see the new round and all the entry's this year!

Caught this on mattclarke's feed, resteemed. Great contest. I hope you get some great designs. :)

Great post!!! I still have a steem silver round that i bought and have not opened it yet. Might post some pics when i open it. :)

I most certainly would have re-steemed this if I would have seen it sooner, but I have been going through a bit of a transformation lately. Thank you for doing this contest again, I have already seen a couple great design concepts, and I am sure people will be stoked to see 2019 rounds, I know I will be for sure. Bless up homie, did you happen to see the real life Precious I found at the Acapulco airport? That is real silver - it must be a sign.