Five Silver Shield Rounds

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There are as many approaches to stacking silver as there are silver stackers. Some go for accumulating as much weight as possible for a given amount of fiat, perhaps by acquiring 100-ounce bars on the secondary markets. Others put most of their efforts into building up a stock of government-issued bullion coins (that’s me, with American Silver Eagles). Still others stack with a possible TEOTWAWKI scenario in mind buying up 90% “junk” (“Constitutional”) silver coins. How much squirrel jerky might I be able to get for this Mercury dime?

But whichever path you choose, eventually boredom sets in. It all starts to look the same. Time to branch out!

I just picked up five semi-numismatic bullion rounds from Silver Shield. One of them (Trivium Girls) is at the low end of the semi-numismatic spectrum in that it’s not a limited, numbered round. Another (Dig Deeper) is at the high end of the semi-numismatic spectrum, being a proof specimen with low mintage:


2018 1 oz Silver Shield Proof Round - MiniMintage Dig Deeper (mintage of 489 rounds)

2018 1 oz Silver Shield Round - MiniMintage BorgCoin (mintage of 2,775 rounds)

2018 1 oz Silver Shield Round - MiniMintage Fascist Axe (mintage of 2,158 rounds)

2017 1 oz Silver Shield Round - MiniMintage La Muerte del Dólar (mintage of 5,132 rounds)

2018 1 oz Silver Shield Round - Trivium Girls


Gotta love what it says on the Borg coin:

Silver is notoriously difficult to photograph well. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



Yeah, I bought them from Apmex. Yeah, I know, there are better sources to buy from. Okay, so I’m lazy.

Better quality pictures of these are at Apmex’s web site:

In their Air-Tite holders:


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Man that is quite the collection. A collection immediately worth something too.

I can't recall if I ever connected you with @drewley here or not but you guys are both wise and artful stackers.

Given the market prices, I would say this is a great idea. I like to do some purchases once or twice a year but have been thinking about it lately. Great grab!

Beautiful silver coins, @preparedwombat.