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The time has come to place your orders for the steem silver coin. Stock is limited and we expect the mintage of 1500 to sell out quickly.

This is the wining design by @bearone, you can read her explanation of the design here.

The coin is for SALE HERE at

We have been able to get the site running in USD and have also been able to offer Bitcoin payments. There are slight fees associated with credit card/paypal payments, smaller fees for BTC payments, and no fees with Email Money Transfer(EMT)/Interact Payment options. This is reflected in the coin prices below.

Credit Card-$24.50USD

Pay attention to this box at the time of order on the product page.

Make sure your payment method corresponds.

We also offer worldwide shipping and the prices will be determined at the time of checkout, here are a few examples. If you country does not automatically populate, please email us at and we will get you a manual quote.

Canada and USA-Approx $10-15
Europe-Approx $20.
Australia/New Zealand Approx-$30.

There are group buys being arranged by @buggedout for Australia and @silverstackeruk for UK. These users will order on your behalf and ship within your country to save on shipping. This service is only available for orders less than 5 coins. If you are ordering 5 or more please order directly from us. Those user will either start a comment thread below or arrange a new post at there discretion, but I will provide updates in the next post. If any other established and reliable steemians are able to help with group buys if your country please comment below.

Please be aware this is still a preorder and we expect to have coins available to ship within 4-6 weeks.

We will keep you updated throughout the whole process so be sure to follow us @phelimint.

Be aware you may also order any other silver products available on our site at the time of purchase and it will all ship together when the steem coins arrive

The current stock available is for the first 1000 coins we ordered and were able to pay for before the silver price started to rise. The remaining 500 coins may be slightly more expensive depending on silver price at the time of purchase.

We have also already collected payments for 540 Coins for early preorders.
The following users will need to pay for your preorders or contact us ASAP as we are no longer able to hold your coins.
@goldkey, @sirstacksalot, @helios, @tremendospercy.

As well this a reminder mention to the following users who expressed and interest earlier.
@mattclarke, @shellyduncan, @wakeupworldnews, @missiontothemoon, @stephen.king989, @generation.easy, @thereikiforest, @lesvizable, @silvernova, @kevinkarron, @timitwist, @stackin, @thelifeofbrian, @grizzman, @guarddog, @stnwllstrtgc, @agscotskiwi, @owenwat, @yaboyjon, @jacobcards, @ironshield, @edthecanadian, @flemingfarm, @agcrypt, @swenger

Hopefully I covered all the details you need, if not please remind me in the comments.

Any other questions please email us at or find us on discord phelimint #3565.

I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who helped make this project a success

It has been a wild and hectic few weeks getting everything organized and ready for this. This has always been a passion project for us and we continue to work full time jobs.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in this project and your support and patience while we got out website ready!

Thank to @sevinwilson for coming up with the great idea and putting it out there to the community. We really appreciate he saw the value in having a small business ran by a fellow steemian take part is this project and immediately reached out to us. He also hosted the design contest, designed the obverse and helped to collect preorders before we were ready to accept USD and Bitcoin.

Thanks to @bearone for your amazing winning design and also to @rocksg, @silverstackeruk, and @sevinwilson for also submitting some really great designs. Check out this post to see them all.

Thanks to @thedamus, our #steemsilvergold bitcoin/cryptocurrency guru, who was so supportive and spent a lot of time helping to guide me through the process to accept bitcoin on our store and also test and explore all our options.

Thanks to @buggedout and @silverstackeruk for reaching out to us to help with group buys.

Please everyone spread the word, and don't delay if you want to own one of these silver rounds!

Pheli Mint ColorCrop.jpg

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Hard work has paid off looks great! Upvoted and resteemed

BRAVO! just fucking Bravo all around!!!

The coin looks spectacular even in a computer b/w rendering -- I can't wait to see the shiny!

Great job with getting your first btc one month, and having it fully implemented and operational in your business the next -- Thaz some shizzle ma'nizzle!

Keep on killing it Phil! an' thanks for the nod

I'll be getting my order in as soon as I can tomorrow. Super excited to see how these turn out.

Bought a couple earlier today. And may be placing a 2nd order later this week.

Will the final 500 have a slight change maybe, to distinguish them from the initial 1000 pc run? Maybe a dot, or small variation? Just a thought. Looks great @phelimint

I tried ordering more than 5 coins, but got an error message. When I changed the quantity to 5, the problem was solved. @ironshield


Hmm, we only had the continental states checked, can you try again and then email me at phelimint" if it does`t work. Sorry my at sign disappeared by keyboard turned french.


Hmm, that's weird, there's should be a limit though. I'll keep taking a look.


Everything's good now. Looking forward to that shiny shiny. @ironshield

Papa is soooooo excited about this. I can hardly control it!

Excellent project folks!

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This is perfect for my love of collecting silver and my new love of steemit.

Just placed an order for 4 of these bad boys!

Got my order in thanks @phelimint. Glad to see you were able to sort the shipping to New Zealand, looks like they are selling out quick already! These coins will take pride of place in my collection!

Did a final tweak to the design happen? I think this one look even better.


Yep there was a slight change as above, we will also be slimming down the text in the words a bit, but otherwise it`s set like this.

Super excited for these and I already ordered and paid for my 10 with BTC. Thank you for putting this together! I'm thinking these are going to go somewhat quickly so people will probably want to get on it.

Very cool, ive had to get one.

Nice info thanks you for share with us

I was really hoping to have been able to save up the extra cash for this by now but my wife is going in for her 3rd cancer surgery. Now I have to worry about those bills first.


Oh no, that`s terrible man, I hope everything works out well.


Me too. If it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all.


How's your wife doing? @guarddog Prayers and positive energies to her and your family☮🙏☮


We just got home from her third cancer surgery. She is now resting. Thank you for asking.

Sneaky Ninja attack!
You have been defended!


To help keep my Jōki (蒸気) power strong, I rely on the support of my fellow #thealliance brethren.

When able, please upvote my attacks so that I may stay mighty and continue to defend and protect our beloved team!


super cool

Nice to meet you, @holl.boll
Wow, this is somehow a dream come true after all these years envisioning it coming to our everyday world.
I votes you post plase vote my post thank you
Thanks a lot for sharing, great job as always,

Yay!!! I cant wait!!

Where you at?! 😊 Can I please get a couple from you?

Thanks a lot to all who made this coin happen..amazing work,absolutely fantastic job.
Ordered a couple of coins with some other amazing coins Pheli mint has....I had to hold my finger back from the "adding to cart"

Bugger I wish I'd see the group order for Australia before I ordered mine, could've save some postage.
Oh Well Such is Life.

Amazing how the internet has changed the way people interact and form communities. Excellent. Upvoted and resteemed phelimint.