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What 3 items would you buy to freak out a cashier?


Tell me in 3 GIF images only... No words or you're out!

How can I find a GIF image?

You can do this direct from a google browser search


This is the featured coin for the contest!

2018-Australian-Kangaroo-1oz-Silver-Bullion-Coin-Reverse-L (1).jpg

What are the contest rules?

  • All upvoters for this post are allowed to comment with up to 3 GIFS.

  • These GIFS need to show or demonstrate the items you have chosen.

  • No text is allowed in the GIF or the upvoters comment.

  • Upvoters will have 14 days from now to post their GIF's to the comment wall.

  • After the 14 days is up I will choose a winner from the list that is my favorite.

  • You are welcome to upvote each others comments as you like.

  • But this will not have any weight in the final result and decision I make.

  • I will ship the coin to the winner’s location so you can add to your collection.


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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is what I would use as my entry if I was eligible... lol


Ha! The essentials!!!






destroy cellphone.gif
shooting iphone.gif
hammer phone.gif

giphy (1).gif

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very very good post. I like it!



How does one take a photo from google and make it a comment without it being a link.


When you've clicked it in google, there should be an option, 'View Image', which will open the image in it's own tab. Copy and paste in the URL, and it'll show as an image or gif in the post.
If it doesn't work, try typing. '.jpg' at the end.


thanks so much!



Zip Tie

WHO can Follow Me and vote i just follow him and vote

nice post

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