Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin Winner + Bonus 5 SBD Draw

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What was last weeks theme?

How you will survive a zombie apocalypse!

How many entries were there?

There were over 30 amazing sets of GIFS in the competition.

Who had the winning entry?

My favourite entry in the contest was from @julienghost

purple 2.gif

What about shipping the Silver?

All shipping will be covered to the winners location as part of the prize!

@julienghost I have sent a message to your wallet with next steps.

Who won the Bonus 5 SBD on offer?

If you decided to resteem the post you went into a draw to win SBD.

A randomized site has selected @ailenepm as the winner from the list.

The 5 SBD is now sitting in your wallet!

zimbie sbd.png

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WOW thank you so much @o07, I did not expect that at all!

Congratolation to the winers :) @julienghost and @ailenepm .
Thank @o07 it was fun contest to particapte :)

Cheers mate, hope you and your wife are doing well.

Congrats @julienghost! Enjoy your coin :)

Thanks @valth for your kind words and ongoing support of my page.

No problem enjoy your prize :)

Felicidades a los ganadores...Muy divertido los concursos @o07... seguiré participando..

Congratulations to both winners... Hope I win next time... :))

Thanks for your support :)

Hello where is the winner of GIF shark and spider? Thank you :D

Hi Mate,

Shark winner has been posted in the contest and SBD paid to the winner @gina2017

I'm in the process of deciding the Spider winner now as the 7 days only just finished in the last few hours and I live in Australia so there is a big time difference :)


Oh, yeah hahaha. Thank you mate! I Love your contest even though from the start I don't get anything hahaha! I still love to see my name written on your system generator. ^_^

waiting for "shaire your book contest result"

The results have been posted here and the winner has been paid yesterday :)

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