Official #Steemsilvergold Membership Post - 22nd October 2019

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Hello Steem Silver Gold!

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First off, happy Tuesday!

Though I was fully aware yesterday was Monday, at the same time I also completely forgot yesterday was Monday. It makes no sense, but this is the way of Mondays. @davedickeyyall sums up Mondays perfectly in THIS post. Ha, ha, ha... :) Anyway, this is my LONG way of saying... Sorry for forgetting to post the membership post yesterday. :)


This week we have one nomination to Steem Silver Gold. See the post from @vgholidingsllc HERE. The nomination is currently under mod review.

Read on for the usual business about becoming a member, the benefits of membership and who are currently among our motley crew. :)

If you would like to join Steem Silver Gold or you would like to nominate a new member, please reference the road map to membership below. Nomination does not guarantee membership. If you nominate someone, please reach out to said individual to discuss this nomination and gauge their interest in joining.

Please make sure nominees have a track record of posting about metals and of building relationships with community members. Community will be what sustains our group through the growing pains of Steem.

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Help the community, help yourself!

There are TWO ways to receive community supported votes at Steem Silver Gold. One is via the @myprecious curation trail, the other is via the @ssg-community subscription service (which is also confusingly referred to as Precious the Silver Mermaid). Here is a run down of each:

1. Join the Steem Silver Gold curation trail - HERE

The community curation trail up votes every member of Steem Silver Gold (unless a member requests otherwise). 25 accounts currently follow the trail. You will see the @myprecious vote appear on one of your posts each day after 6 minutes. 25 other votes are tied to that one! Thank you to everyone on the trail!

Members may also choose to delegate to @myprecious. There is no membership requirement to delegate, but it is a selfless way to support the entire community. There are currently 17 delegators to this account. The delegators include: @monsterjamgold, @bauloewe, @enginewitty, @ronaldoavelino, @tbnfl4sun, @dkid14, @silverstackeruk, @handofzara, @edthecanadian, @fat-elvis, @dfinney, @thesilverdoll, @jznsamuel, @guiltyparties, @kerrislravenhill, @xyzashu and @ladybug146.

2. Join our members only up voting service (aka Precious) - HERE

Precious the Silver Mermaid up voting service (linked to the @ssg-community account) is open to all members of the #steemsilvergold community. She has well over 100k in voting SP and members can receive daily up votes by either delegating SP are donating STEEM on a monthly basis.


If you have questions about the @ssg-community subscription (aka Precious the Silver Mermaid), please reach out to @welshstacker. He can advise you on how to delegate, pay liquid steem or use a combination of the two to reach a subscription tier.

Random Thoughts

It is almost Halloween! If Halloween isn't a thing in your country, I am sorry... because Halloween is awesome. :) Too bad we can't have an #SSG Halloween Party. Would we all show up wearing the same things?


Ugh! Who went and invited FIAT to the party? :) :) :)

Happy Tuesday friends!


@georgemales@dropthatcode -
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What is up

Yea who invited fiat?

Probably this guy. 😒


Hehehe🤣 crashed the party!!! What will you be for Halloween 🎃 @myprecious?😃
Thanks for the [email protected], and thanks for all you do for us in SSG!

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