Gold Chartbook – Shiny or dull, only time can tell

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070/18 Gold Chartbook – Shiny or dull, only time can tell, July 20th 2018

Shiny or dull, only time can tell!

Chart 1 Gold monthly chart 200718.png
Gold monthly chart, July 20th 2018. Gold on support

Chart 2 Gold weekly chart 200718.png
Gold weekly chart, July 20th 2018. A multitude of outcomes

Chart 3 Gold daily chart 200718.png
Gold daily chart, July 20th 2018. Divergence indicating a possible bounce

Chart 4 Gold 60min chart 200718.png
Gold 60min chart, July 20th 2018. Head & shoulder pattern?

All charts timely posted in our telegram channel.

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