Christmas in January

in steemsilvergold •  21 days ago

So I was minding my own business and getting the mail this morning when I saw an envelope in the 'ol mailbox that I wasn't expecting.


@raybrockman !?! I suddenly felt like Ralphie waiting for his Red Rider BB Gun! Was this the silver I've been dreaming about?


Sweet, another Slave Queen!!! Fantastic, I love anything from the Silver Shield collection. Deep storage for you missy!


I wasn't expeciting it because this was a bonus from Monster Raffle III and I totally forgot about it. Ray had sent it out weeks ago and for some reason, the tracking on it says it spent 3 weeks hanging out in Florida. I blame Trump.




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Not sure why it even went to Florida🤔 but glad you got it.


She wanted a small vacation :-)

i love your mailbox allways full of surprises hehehe


Its a very exciting mailbox

She went golfing a Mar-a-lago. 😂🤣😐


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