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RE: Introduction to Rewards Pool

You will be seeing me in the pool soon my friend haha love the tying off analogy 🤣I'm using data at work right now and just commented on your last post about it. Upped and resteemed this one as well . Good luck my friend it sounds awesome 😉👍👍👍


Would abosoluteluly love to have ya karen. Hope ya make it

I have never delegated steem power before not sure about that. if I do it will drop me below 500 and I will lose my slider for upvoting. I just don't have much steem power right now after powering down most of it when I was laid off. I'm working full time now but struggling to catch up still. I might send 10 steem instead if I can make it back in upvotes. I'm just not making enough right now on Steemit so its hard to decide what to do. Sounds like a great idea though !!😀👍✌

If ya want to keep that slider maybe ride out a month with the 10 steem and do the 250 sp deligation next month