“Silver Adventures”- Captain Joshua Slane –28OC19- ‘Out of Africa!’

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⛵ ⛵ ⛵ ⛵...(Toor ay ???)...

[Last time...]

The serious tone of the conversation was quickly interrupted as they heard the excited voice of Boy Tipper ring-out…

“Ahh've got one! He's real dandy he is! Th' jade hook ne'er fails!"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[On the Silverton, two hundred miles east of Morocco…]


The days that followed were happy ones. The crew and the officers ate tuna night and day. Some even gave their hand in the galley for different ways of serving it…

“Ahh’ve been ‘ankerin fer a wee bit of Sushi, o' course we 'ave nae rice an' wasabe…" Lieutenant Errislravenhill said to Acting Lieutenant Ickied in the galley.
“Ohhh! Sushi!” Ickied replied as he licked his lips in anticipation.
It had been a good long time since any of the crew had had such an exotic meal, and cook Peg yielded the galley to Errislravenhill so she could do her magic. Meanwhile, Boy Tipper watched with great curiosity as she started slicing the fish in thin pieces.

“What’s Sushi Sairrr?” He asked Junior Petty Officer Ollingthunder as they stood and watched.
“Sushi is a Japanesar dish of prepared vinegared rice, usually wi' some sugar an' salt, accompanyin' a variety of ingredients, such as fesh, vegetables, an' occasionally tropical fruits.” He answered.
“Japanesar?!” Tipper exclaimed with a wrinkled brow.
“Aye. Styles of sushi an' its presentation vary widely, but th' one key ingredient is "sushi rice", also referred tae as shari, ur sumeshi. Sushi is traditionally made wi' medium-grain white rice, though it can be prepared wi' broon rice ur short-grain rice.”
“We dorn’t have rice…?” Tipper noted as he watched Errislravenhill work.
“Aye, this is gonna’ be the Silverton version of sushi Ahh think.” Ollingthunder reasoned.
“Can you use tatties?”
“Mebbe. It is veery aften prepared wi' seafood, such as squid, eel, yellowtail, salmon, tuna ur imitation crab meat. Mony types of sushi ur vegetarian. It is aften served wi' pickled ginger, wasabi, an' soy sauce. Daikon radish ur pickled daikon garnishes fur th' dish. Sushi is sometimes confused wi' sashimi, a related dish in Japanese cuisine 'att consists of thinly sliced raw fesh, ur occasionally meat, an' an optional servin' of rice. ‘Att’s probly what she’ll make.”
“Raw fesh?!” Tipper blurted out in confusion.

Tipper gave it some thought…
“So hoow come ye knows soo much aboot sushi Sairrr?"
“Och years ago, Ahh did mah Officer's trainin' in British Columbiar." He said proudly.

Tipper raised an eyebrow as he pondered how much ‘Officers Trainin’ it took to be a Junior Petty Officer…

[Up on the bridge…]
The Captain finished his morning measurements and turned to Commander Galligan, “We're leavin' Africars behind us mucker. Any new toor suggestions come in yit froms th' crew?"
“Nae Sairrr.”
“Blasted apathy! It happens at th' end of every lang toor. They aw probly jist want ta git home!"

⛵ ⛵ ⛵ ⛵

"Ooch Aye! Yummy-tyme!" 😉 -Keptin


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Toor suggestions so far:

Kragerø, Norway
Djibouti, Africars
Diego Garcia Islain, India Ocean

"Three toor sugestions? Blye me, but Ahh needs fife fur a vote! If Ahh dornt git more toor suggestions 'en Ahh'll have ta resort ta evenin' floggin's! Test not yoor Keptin!"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Confused? Ascared? Seasick? Need a private chat with the Captain?" - [email protected]


Pictures from: www.freeimages.com, www.pexels.com, pixabay.com, steemit.com an’ www.google.com/maps. Data loosely interpretted froms: Wikipedia, an' sometimes finely crafted reit from th' author's extensiff personal experience an' such.

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