“Silver Adventures”- Captain Joshua Slane – Revised: 19AU19 – ‘Silver Contest Rules’

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Silver Contest Rules:

“Ahh will make this offer, a stoatin', standin' offer! Fur every Up-Vote ur Reply that Ahh might receive from th' followers ay 'Silver Adventures', Ahh will donate thee tenths ay a copper ($0.003) inta th' silver contest fund fur buyin' silvers fur th' crew! Att's reit, thee tenths ay a copper fur every Up-Vote ur Reply! An', as soon as th' pot is large enough ta buy an oonce ay silvers at spot price, Ahh will award 'att winning Steem-Oonce ta th' most actiff crewman (th' one 'att Up-Votes an' Replies ta th' blog th' most an' sae forth). But 'att's noot all, Ahh'm also goin' ta award a half a 'Steem-Oonce' ay silvers* ta th' 2nd place winner an' a quarter 'Steem-Oonce' ay silvers ta th' 3rd place winner! 'Att's right! Ahh'm goin' all-in fur you mates, an' Ahh do believes in 'payin' it forward' an' such!

Hard work has a value, it has a worth. Ahh believe 'att. We will make quite a holiday oot ay this, postin' a runnin' balance ay uir contest pot an' ay coorse th' Top Ten most actiff crewmen each weeks!"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Addendums an' so forth:

Article 1: Aw contributions must be an Up-Vote ur a Reply.
Article 1.a: Aw Up-Votes an' Replies will be coonted up tae (but nae beyond) a twenty-four hour period ay times.

Article 2: First Place Prize - 1 foo 'Steem-Oonce ay silvers! - (Current spot price ay silvers).
Second Place Prize - 1/2 'Steem-Oonce' ay silvers!
Third Place Prize - 1/4 'Steem-Oonce' ay silvers!

Article 3: Whomever wins First Place in th' current round must sit-oot th' next contest in fairness an' gracious demeaner an' so forth.

Article 4: Th' price o' silvers is subject ta change, (due ta market fluctuation an' pirates an' such).

"Good luck to aw, an' may th' best mucker win!" - Keptin


"Confused? Ascared? Seasick? Need a private chat wi' th' Captain?" - [email protected]

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