“Silver Adventures”- Captain Joshua Slane –15AU19 – ‘Tonight we will move on the camp!’

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⛵ ⛵ ⛵ ⛵...(Toor ay ???)...

[Last time...]

More laughter ensued as the group began to discuss their plans for the evening. Meanwhile, forty feet north in the jungle, two men parted the palms leaves in front of them and peered over at the camp.

“Well what do we have here soldier, but a group of old friends!” The man in the tattered officer’s uniform said in low tone as he eyed the crew from a distance, “And they brought a good batch of silver too…”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[On-board the Silverton, Captain’s chart room…]
Boy Tipper sat patiently next to the Captain as he drew his last two trend lines on the big, colorful chart. Carefully calculating the price of silver was a daily task that Tipper always found mysterious. He blew a bubble with his chewing gum and then snapped it with his tongue. This drew a cautious and somewhat agitated gaze from the Captain and Tipper immediately removed the ball of gum from his mouth and shoved it in his pocket…

“Hmmmmf….Noo pays attention loon! Things ur lookin' better tadays! See hoo th' spot price ay silvers has tacked north ower a mile an' a half?" The Captain said as he walked his dividers across the chart.


“Aye Sairrr! Today’s an up-days!”
“Right ye ur Laddie! Sae tadays will be a guid day tae sell a nibble ay silvers, provided th' broker in Liconi has a fair price an' a soond min' 'att is!" The Captain affirmed as he sat back and lit his pipe, stoking it red hot.
Tipper followed the dashed line north across the chart and noticed that the silver ship was well north of the green. It seemed that the pattern pleased the Captain and Tipper smiled as he got his gum ball back out and popped it into his mouth. A wary look from the Captain however warned him to maintain his vigilance.

“Keptin! Keptin!” Petty Officer Enstless called from outside the door.
“Whit is it cheil?! Ahh’m a wee thrang!" the Captain barked.
“It’s Groober Sairrr! He’s come in froms Pemba an’ has a message!”
“Comes in!”

Enstless opened the door and saluted as he stood before the Captain.
“Go oan cheil, reids it!"
“Aye Sairrr…

‘Dears Keptin,
We're haur at th' silver booth in Liconi an' th' broker tadays is offerin' seventeen hunder an' thairty-tay coppers fur an oonce ay silvers. Waitin' yer answer. - Warrant Officer- Act'

“Seventeen hunder an' thairty-tay coppers…” The Captain mumbled as he thought, “Braw deal! Teel heem tae sell a puckle oonces an' 'en bide until th' moorn!"
“Aye, aye Sairrr!” Enstless replied as he saluted and quickly left.

“Yoo likes th' price Keptin?" Tipper asked as he blew another huge bubble while sitting on his stool.
The Captain raised an eyebrow before answering, “Tadays Ahh dae! It's th' reit price fur th' time! Tomorrows it might nae be howevers..."

[An hour later…Liconi village square…]
Warrant Officer Act and Standing Officer Endrikdegrote stood in front of the silver booth with a small bag sitting on the counter in front of them. Just then, Boy Olarphasing came running into the town square…

“Act Sairrr! Th' Keptin has sent us a reply! He says tae seel a nibble ay silvers an' 'en bide until th' moorns!" Olarphasing said breathlessly.
“Fair enaw!" Act said as he turned and nodded to the elderly broker and Endrikdegrote began counting out six silver coins on the counter.

The dealing was not a private one however, as a peering eye from behind a hut on the far side of the village watched their every move.

“That must be their commanding officer…” The dark haired man in the tattered uniform said to another soldier, “I don’t recognize him.”
“I don’t either. Thank Gawd it’s not Galligan!”
“Yes. Luck is with us my friend. Go tell the other two that tonight we will move on the camp!”
“Yes Sir Caporal Chief!”

[Back on the Silverton, lower hold area…]
Deep in the hold of the ship, the dingy corridor leading to the brig was brightened a bit by the whistling of Boy Ollingthunder as he carried the meager tray of food down to the brig. Behind the heavy iron slats, the Jinn sat up and stared at the boy.

“Ahh've brooght ye yer supper cheil…" Ollingthunder said casually as he slid the tray under the iron bars.
The Jinn made no move to come and get it.

“What's wrang? Nae guttin'?" The boy asked as he looked at him.

The Jinn then pretended to stand but fell back onto his bunk with a well-rehearsed wince of pain.

“Ye cannae donner?!” Ollingthunder said as he eyed him with a small amount of pity, “Nae matter, Ahh'll brings it in."

The boy walked across the corridor and removed the brig key ring from a hook and slowly came back and inserted the key into the door. With a rusty clank, the latch opened and he pushed the door open and bent down to pick up the tray…

⛵ ⛵ ⛵ ⛵

"Still nae new suggestions fur uir next toor? Ahh've got a sleepy crew! Might havs tae wake them up!" 😄 -Keptin

Toor suggestions sae far:

  1. Doha of Qatar
  2. Djibouti, Africars

We need at leest thee mur suggestions afair we tak' a vote! An' remembers mates, there's nae place in th' whole wide warld 'att we cannae gang! Ahh've sailed th' seven seas an' beyond, an' Ahh'm nae plannin' oan changin' onie time suin!" 😃- Keptin
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

🗝 Sassenach Vocabulary fur 'lain lovers':

afair (before), Ahh (I), aiblins (perhaps), anyain (anyone), arse (butt), 'att (that), aw (all), ay (of),
bairn (baby), bark (news), barnie (fight), baur (bare), bevvy (drink), boss (empty), brine (ocean),
caller (fresh), cannie (careful), ceilidh (party), cheil (man), clootie (cloth), coothie (friendly), crease (ass), cutie (short, quick, small)
dae (do), donner (walk), dunnae (do not), dug (dog),
een (eyes), enaw (enough),
gang (go), gart (made), gezz (give), gin (gun), glaikit (stupid), gob (mouth), greit (cry), guttin (hungry)
haur (here), heem (him), hen (girl)
jeekit (jacket)
kent (knew), kinn (know)
law (low)
mah (my), mair (more), min' (mind), mingin (filthy), mirk (dark), moggie (cat),
nae (no),
onie (any), oot (out), ootwith (outside)
poke (bag), pure (really),
quine (lady),
radge (mad, dangerous),
Sassenach (Highland English), scran (food), shair (shore), spick (speak), strang (strong), stoaner (hard, tough), stoat (excellent), swatch (look)
thes (this), thrang (busy), toon (town), tossel (private part)
ur (are, or),
wa' (why), wabbit (tired), waesucks (horror, pity, or sorrow), wee jimmy (young boy), whieest (quiet), wooldnae (wouldn't),
yak (eye)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Confused? Ascared? Seasick? Need a private chat with the Captain?" - [email protected]


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