Interesting New Item at MENE

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MENE has Introduced a New Item

It's a three-in-one MENE option. Golden Beads offers three small beads together in one package to grow your bracelet collection quickly.

Here are the Stats:

Weight: 4.53 Grams
Gold Value: $177.26
Menē Fee: $35.45
Total: $212.71

The Reviews Are Already Coming In


All Women Love Jewelry!!!
MENE is world class. It's impressive how much attention to detail MENE gives to the entire out of the box experience. Truly a wonderful company!!!


Great Product. Great Shopping Experience.
The product is as advertised. Certificate of authenticity/proof of purchase is a big plus. Packaging is outstanding. Customer service is great. Shipping is very fast. My best online shopping experience. Thank you, MENE.


Gorgeous Gold Nuggets
Love the smooth organic shape of these beads! They look like little gold nuggets and have a nice substantial weight too. I wear them on a neck chain and am tempted to buy another set! Please make matching stud earrings or short dangle earrings.

Get $5.00 off your first purchase

If you haven't created a MENE account yet, consider using the link below for $5.00 off your first purchase.

What's your favorite MENE item? Let me know in the comments below.


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You should definitely print these out and give them to people lol. I love it!


It seems like that should be in your future!!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

hey ironshield! good evening sir. he what would be the cost of an entire bracelet? I know you're a numbers guy or I wouldn't have asked!


I'm not sure how many beads you would need to create an entire bracelet. MENE will include a free leather strap, so you can wear just the three beads if you wanted! :-)



howdy back sir ironshield! yes just wearing the three beads would make a great looking bracelet too. thank you sir!

I think I will need about 10 of them soon, thank's for pointing them out!