Silver Continues To Impress with Gold and the Miners Catching a Bid

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Screenshot_2019-09-04 Silver Futures Price - Investing com.png

Might as well start with the shooting star of the show - SILVER.

Silver continues to defy gravity as it vaults higher. The market is a bit ahead of itself but for all stackers lets enjoy this ride. To think one year ago the price of silver was sub $14.00 and today it is above $19.00.


And some people call it JUNK!

Screenshot_2019-09-04 Gold Futures Price - Investing com.png

Gold trying to breakout to another level higher.

Screenshot_2019-09-04 iShares Silver Trust (SLV) Interactive Stock Chart.png

The HUI closed with another high (on a close basis) at 235.76 for the move that began at the end of May when the HUI was at the 150.55 level. Just with my fuzzy math it looks like a +50% gain in 3 months!

Peace out and stack on!

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The telling question is did you get on the rocket?

You will see from my investing journal posts that I have been writing about it since June 2019

Stacker of silver for decades! Stock jobber in mining shares both short and long for twenty years. I was short the mining shares up until early June and have only been long since. This should be a very interesting month as towards the end of September we may see a temporary high in gold and the mining shares. Physical silver may be another story.