SteemSilverGold Daily Highlights - 07 Sep 2018

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In order to support the SteemSilverGold community we will be offering a daily highlight of quality posts by members. The premise of the community is to promote physical gold and silver, support member content, share information, and grow the community.

The highlighted posts below are selected automatically on a daily basis, using a custom query that evaluates the quality of a post in order to curate the best community content. The rank below does not signify which post is best and we encourage you to read all of the posts.

Top Daily Contributors

Our top contributors are picked from the @myprecious following list.

1@sbspartsGuess the Weight on This New Pour & Win!... Part 2
2@summertoothAmazing Raffle Prize Given By An OG Steemit Pirate
3@elamentalSteemagonian Silver Trade with @summertooth - Un-Boxing Video
4@silverstackerukHas your Silver stack taken a back sit to crypto the past few months?
5@goldmattersMene Daily Recap On Steemit : Steem Creators Takeover Toronto Day 2
6@themanwithnonameCoin of the Day 9-7-18
7@edthecanadianYou've got mail. Package sent out to raffle winner.
8@fat-elvisA small amount of treasure found
9@ronaldoavelino106 - De Volta à Feirinha
10@vgholdingsllc2000 1oz Lunar Dragon....Are you interested?
11@bushkill👽 Abducted by Aliens ?!?
12@handofzaraHUI - September 7, 2018 - Miner's Stop the Bleeding Post a Gain - Gold Off - Silver Flat
13@dixiesilverminerMail Call- 1927 and 1930 Italian 5 Lire
14@rollingthunder9/7 Trading Futures Update - Precious metals-Flat/Down, S&P500-Down, Crypto-up


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