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I reached reputation level 66. As I pondered about it, I decided to go a different Route than usual, I took Route 66. I decided to post a Mystery Movie Quote contest on a Movie related to Route 66. The movie was "CARS".


The Mystery Movie Quote Contest Winner is @phantum04

The winner of the FREE 1SBD for CARS is @phantum04. The correct answer was given and apparently her son's favorite character is Lightning McQueen. @phantum04 was selected using a random number generator for those replies with the correct answer: "CARS".


The Mystery Movie Quote BONUS Winner is @sweetleaflove

I posted a Bonus Question: WHY I PICKED THIS MOVIE TODAY?

The winner of the FREE 1SBD for the Bonus question is @sweetleaflove, who answered that

  • "I'll guess that you picked this movie, because your Steemit Reputation Level is 66 and U.S. Route 66 is in the Cars movie"

This answer is 100% Correct. @sweetleaflove says they watched the movie again (in some editted replies), which is pretty cool. Apparently, @sweetleaflove editted the reply 7 times before realizing the correct answer.

The Mystery Movie Quote BONUS Honorable Mentions are @kerrislravenhill and @sbsparts

As mentioned above, there were replies to the question: WHY I PICKED THIS MOVIE TODAY?

There were some GREAT Answers - the answers were so fantastic that I am sending a prize 0.5SBD for Honorable Mention to @kerrislravenhill and @sbsparts.

@kerrislravenhill gave the reply that

  • "its the official Start of NASCAR Cup series racing season at the Bristol Motor Speedway"

This is an Excellent Reply. Although it was not correct, it was a good, well thought answer. So, I'm sending 0.5SBD to @kerrislravenhill.

@sbsparts gave the reply that

  • " the shield shaped series of silver pieces being released honoring Rt 66"

This is another Excellent Reply. Again, not correct, but a Fantastic reply that fits well with my interest in Silver. @sbsparts also posted the video of these awesome new silver pieces. So, I'm sending 0.5SBD to @sbsparts.

FINALLY - I'M SENDING FREE 1SBD to @stokjockey

I always send out a prize for milestones to those providing me with ongoing support. I could not find an appropriate Route 66 item in Silver for the milestone of reaching Level 66. Although the Route 66 Silver pieces above are an excellent choice, I do not have one to send. So, I'll be sending FREE 1SBD to @stokjockey for posting the coolest reply: The Rolling Stones Version of the song "Route 66".

THANK YOU ALL Again for your support!

Stack On and Steem On


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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Congrats man. Really starts crawling in the the 60s dont it


Thanks @pit-bullion, it takes more time and a lot of support from followers. Thanks for the support.

@goldkey Thank You and yes the STONES doing Route 66 is Awesome. It is hard to believe they are still Rocking !


The Stones are Rock Legends. Just incredible that they are still Rockin'!

Yeah, I kind of Edited my Reply a lot... LOL... Sometimes I tend to Edit/Tweak Replies, over and over again, until I get it exactly how I want it... I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I just gotta keep Editing, until I'm happy with my Reply... I often do the same thing with my @sweetleaflove Posts and I edit my Posts repeatedly, until I feel like I got it right and then my editing stops and my Post is complete... LOL

Have a Happy 4/20 Day tomorrow!... Happy 420 Cheers! cool smoker.gif


You got the answer at the last minute. I was going to finish it last night after midnight, but I went to bed instead. Then, I saw your updated answer in the morning. Good job. I am amazed there weren't more correct answers.


You made think about Cars @goldkey, so I just made a Car post @sweetleaflove smile.gif


That was a cool post thanks... I have been on a Corvette Post theme lately . . . awesome car.

Wow..thank you @goldkey! I'm so lucky that I am a winner of your contest..😊


You are welcome. I have many contests from Mystery Movie Quotes to Milestone Giveaways. I also have sports contests. Stay tuned to @goldkey.


Ok..I will sir..😊

Congratulations @goldkey on your milestone.
Also congratulations to the winners.
I love this movie "Cars", it was my son's favorite movie and I must say it became my best movie because I love the story behind it and I think it was so creative for you to use this movie in your post.


The movie "Cars" is such a good movie. It is very popular. I try a variety of ideas with my posts. Many times I combine my interests into a post. It helps with creating new types of posts.

Congratulations you have got 66 Reputation❕❕❕👌



Thank you and Thanks for your support


Welcome my steemian friend take care.

As far I see, you are a big heart man, always seeking an opportunity to rewarding people...... again congratulations @goldkey and all winews


Thanks - getting back to the contests soon... Stay tuned for movies and NBA Playoffs games.


i am ready to play😊

Congratulations @goldkey on reaching 66.
I was looking at the map you posted and saw Tucumcari which reminded me of this song "I've been from Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonapah" anyone know what song it is?


Thank you. I have no idea about the song that you mentioned.


The song is Willin' by Little Feat. Good truck driving song ;)

Ah I remember this competition. Didn't participate because the answer didn't click................ah well! At least I get to congratulate the winners.

Also did you mention that beautiful 66 Ford Mustang in that post? Truly a beautiful car.


I was vague about the Bonus question when I posted it; however, I created a Rep66/Route66 the next day.
I love that 66 Mustang - I will own one some day.

Interesting... You appear to have a lot of experience, making nice looking posts... All I do any more is type words...


I've been trying to keep my posts looking interesting. Thanks. I'm glad you think that they look nice.

Congratulations @phantum04 :)
and to @goldkey Congratulations on reaching 66.


Thanks - I appreciate it.

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