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I'm giving away a SILVER BAR that says "Happy Valentine's Day" from 1995, minted by Silvertowne. It is actually very nice. This will be ONLY THREE DAYS so I can get the bar in the mail by Friday. I'll need the address immediately following the winner announcement on Friday morning.


  • Happy Valentines to my Poo-Bear .. . .
  • Sticky-Buns, please Be My Valentine . .. .
  • or whatever turns you on . . .

Here's my shout out to my Valentine . . .

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to MY WIFE, Mrs.GoldKey, The Love of My Life,

I have many names for my Valentine - Darlin', Baby, Sweetheart
So, Darlin' Happy Valentine's Day !
[Actually, Mrs.GoldKey isn't on STEEM and I never refer to her this way].

Here's the prize...

"Happy Valentine's Day" (1995) SILVER BAR

I'm giving away this 1.0 Troy Ounce - SILVER BAR that says "Happy Valentine's Day" from 1995






- Please Follow Me

- Please Upvote this Post

- Please Leave a Reply with a Shout Out to your Valentine...

Re-Steem would be nice.

I will use a random tool to select a winner at random.

I will post the winner in under 3 days, on 2/2/18.
(Note: I will ship worldwide - I need an address to send the coin).



This is really a HEADS UP to all those out there to remind them that Valentine's Day is around the corner. Head out this weekend or next weekend to prepare for the day. Don't wait for the last minute. And have a Happy Valentine's Day.
And as always, the #steemsilvergold community is a FRIENDLY Community and I am promoting SILVER, GOLD, and #steemsilvergold.

Good Luck Everybody.


Happy Valentine's Day from @goldkey



WOW- Each of these Shout Outs are beautiful and I can not add to them. I will let them stand alone.
Fantastic Expressions of LOVE - WOW - Great Job Everyone!

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Happy Valentine's Day Silver Bars are the ultimate.

Great giveaway! 2nd V Day without my love, so Happy Valentine's Day to my guy in 'heaven' .

My days and nights are spent thinking of my husband @life.time. Happy V-Day!

This is an awesome piece. I would love to shout out @kanedizzle85 for being my valentine and my awesome wife. I can’t do it without you

Wifey Pooh. Be my Valentine for the 16th year in a row (except for that one in 2012). Just kidding!

Happy Valentines to my best friend yet my worst enemy, my greatest fan yet my harshest critic, my one and only "Miming" ^_^ @jerkenjake! i heart u to the moon and back! thanks to @goldkey for this shoutout opportunity

Very generous of you! I would like to wish the queen of cunnilingus. Thanks to Mrs. Stackin I’ve never had a boring car ride!👍🏼🍺🥓

Happy Valentines Day to my Queen of Queens, all my Love......thanks @goldkey

Followed and Upvoted!
Cool Idea! 😃
Shoutout to my Valentine @medic8553
The love of my life, my best friend!
I am soooo happy he is the one I get to spend the rest of my life's journey with. 💕
With him by my side doing what we love to do, together we can accomplish anything! 💕 💕

I love you beyond words @medic8553 💋 💋

Happy Valentine's day to my girlfriend, who has been with me and borne my antics for over 3 years now!

Happy Valentines Day to my girl! 😉

Happy Valentine's Day to me I guess, awesome initiative and nice ounce!

To my Valentine, this will be our first valentines together and I am happy that we made it this far. We had tons ups and downs, arguments and laughs. I am happy that we made it this far and I hope to get to a year plus many many more. You frustrate me and make me mad at times, but I know I do the same thing to you; mostly you make me laugh and feel happy. I want you to be the one I settle down with. I love you my love, matthewpage.

Your valentine ,

Happy Valentines To the apple of my eye, the cream to my coffee!

Happy Valentine's day to my other half even though we're not together we both look up at the night sky and when times right we will part the seas and be together

Happy Valentine to my one and only!

Happy V-Day to my wife! Thanks for the chance to win @goldkey.

Happy Valentine's to my wife! It's been a long time together!

Happy Valentines to you Kim, although we are over 5,000km apart we will see each other soon. I think of you everday

Happy Valentines Day Pollywog :)

Happy Valentine's Day to Mrs. Jbcoin. The only thing that I like better than silver!

Happy Valentine's day to... Oh wait, we are an orchestra and can't have a valentine. 😥

What a kick ass way to do a GAW and to help us remember V day. Ok let me try this.
Mrs V Mrs V will you get down on your Happy valentines. 😁. God I hope see don’t see this.

Happy V-day to the mother of my children and love of my life.

Happy Valentine's Day to my love!

Happy Valentines day to my Angel, my soul mate, my wife whom i love more and more each day.
Upvoted and resteemed! Thanks @goldkey

Happy Valentines Day to my Steem Queen @khackett
following and upvoted

Without her I would not know about steemit, crypto or the joy of twin kids.

❌’s & ⭕️‘s to my main squeeze. Thanks for the giveaway @goldkey. 😍

Very nice idea for vilantine day darlin baby

Happy Valentine's day, dear...oh won't read this because you don't understand why I'm always on this site! I still adore her, though 😀

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to my beautiful princess she makes me feel so loved and special everyday. I cant believe the nicest person I ever met is also the love of my life.

Happy valentines day to my hubby,he support me a lot.

This is really awesome ..and am sure she's seeing this post right wherever she at ..
So shout out to the most beautiful girl on Earth ..your beauty is Monopoly ..even when we ghost ..I still wanna meet you there. .love u xo xo Debbie Saka ..
We winning this girl

Thanks again for a great giveaway @goldkey!
Shout out to the little linguini who made me and continues making me better everyday.

Happy Valentines day to my wife of almost 20 years. You must have the patience of Job to have stuck with me and my numerous crazy projects, business successes and failures. And to have shared in the joy of our 2 wonderful boys. Here’s to another 20 years.

Happy Valentines to my wife, today and every other day.

Happy Valentines day boo!
I know you want chocolate or flowers or maybe even a diamond ring, but what about a Troy ounce of silver with the year you were born engraved in ! It may not happen and if it doesn't I promise you at least 1 of the 3 above! @josefinemk


Aw, thanks babe! Happy Valentines day <3

Happy Valentine's Day baby! Hopefully in-between work, school, and the kiddo we can find an hour to snuggle on the couch together!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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