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Today's Coin Shop Visit unveiled a couple of Silver Eagles and a set of Silver Dollars

American Silver Eagles

The American Silver Eagles are actually pretty nice for only $2 over spot. These are not dirty but they were with the 'junk' Silver Eagles. Basically, my local coin shop sells all circulated Silver Eagles at $2 over spot and they consider them as 'junk' or 'less than perfect' Silver Eagles.

Morgan Silver Dollars

The Morgan Silver Dollars are both 1921 and an 'S' mint mark. These are filthy. They were in the Dirty Dollar box for $17.

Peace Silver Dollars

The Peace Silver Dollars are from 1922 and 1923, and both have an 'S' mint mark. These are not as dirty but they too were in the Dirty Dollar box for $17.

SILVER DOLLARS 1921, 1922, 1923

This is interesting that these SILVER DOLLARS are 1921, 1922, and 1923.


Should I clean these? Generally, it is not advisable to clean numismatic coins, but these are mainly just dirty, oily, and filthy. I've cleaned some silver coins and I am very, very gentle. So, I am considering it. Does anybody have a suggestion?

Update on Bag of Quarters - $10 Face Value

Last time, I posted a bag of quarters that contained 40 quarters, $10 Face Value, which cost $135 at another local coin shop.
Here's an update picture and comments. My first find was a 1964 Proof condition Washington quarter. Then, I found a Standing Liberty quarter. Upon closer review and the date, it was completely unreadable. Overall, the bag was a considered junk silver and it was not much better than junk silver. There were absolutely no key dates, no special mintmarks. There were several quarters from the 1930's and 1940's which are interesting and well worn. Overall, the $10 Face Value bag of silver has little numismatic value but it IS SILVER and it will ALWAYS HOLD VALUE.


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Don't clean them, they look beautiful just the way they are.

I make a lot of purchases over eBay, and when you buy like that, you make a lot of purchases on faith. I really love hitting a coin store or coin show because you can see and touch exactly what you want to buy!

I wish there were more coinstores in my area!


Yeah, I have 3 local coin shops in my area. It's great. Ebay sucks. I tried that a little and found too many people bidding up items that are worth less than they should. Further, some items were amazing in photos but not when received. Finally, I got a shiny silver coin that ended up being polished terribly.

The rule is, "never clean a coin," but if the coin is already messed up, what do you really have to lose. I have polished "junked" proof coins and they looked great afterward. I used red jewelers rouge. I would not use chemicals or pencil eraser. I would not clean a valuable numismatic coin. There are stories of the wife that polished and destroyed the value of husbands tarnished/toned coin collect. Surprise!


I have coins that I would never clean. I have not cleaned any, but I thought it would be an interesting discussion. Sounds like we all heard the rule and have followed it. I never heard about the pencil eraser, sounds like another bad idea.


I learned this mistake around 1960 when I was in 3rd grade. For real. Cents shined up, but ever at 9 years old, I could sense something was wrong.

@goldkey I just generally leave the coins alone. I always tell people when they come into the "BUNKER" not to clean any coins. The reason I tell them not to clean anything is because if they were to Clean something Valuable they just Ruined It.


HA! I thought you just melt them all down @stokjockey. I am so glad to hear that you also advise them to not clean them :)

A weak solution of ammonia will clean these coins from dirt and they will again be like new ones.


That's a new one. I'll try it with one of the junk quarters to see how that works. Thanks:)


his is a very old and proven way, in this way our ancestors cleaned the silver. Lower the coin into a solution of ammonia, hold it for 5 minutes and remove it and wipe it with a soft cloth. You will see this is a very good way of cleaning silver.


Thanks for the additional details and instructions. I'll let you know how it goes for me.


Thanks for that tip, never thought of using that.

The only time you should clean your coins is... never. Don't clean them. Unless it literally smells like poop. I'm told soaking in olive oil can help break up some filth, but really if you ever resell these the poor schmuck you sell them to may be in for a surprise when he finds out they're ungradeable. They may look junky now, but in 100 years they'll be great specimens if you leave them alone.


Yeah! Never! I know. I have one coin that was cleaned before I got it and I have one coin that was cleaned and polished before I got it. Fortunately, I only paid for the silver content based on Face Value for these. You are right, I know. I'll try the olive oil. thanks.

I was always told to not clean. So I never really have. But maybe I should, I hate rules 😀


I have heard this also. I have cleaned some silver rounds as a test and they turned out fine. But, I haven't cleaned any U.S. Silver coins.

I just found a half dollar walking liberty with red nail polish over the front and back. I just used some acetone and it took the paint right off leaving the dirt or filth still on the coin.


I'm amazed that the dirt/filth remained. I would have thought the acetone to be too harsh on the silver.


Me too I was surprised that it didn't make the coin look cleaned.

I wouldn't clean them, I'm not a big collector of coins but I've heard that cleaning them will devalue them as you may lose some silver and details in the coins but it's your coins so you can decide.😆👍


I heard some recommendation to use a mild solution with baking soda, which I thought would be too gritty. That sounds like a bad idea and that would likely remove details and silver.


Yes, I guess if you're collecting to maybe sell in the future I wouldn't touch them! I think a lot of people put value in the ageing process the coins go through and see it as a sign of a genuine piece! Interesting discussion tho'

that's an awesome collections mate


Always like to see some more junk in the trunk!

what is the interesting that these silver dollars are 1921,1922,1923.


Yup, one year after the other with different designs.

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That the real story of the coins good collection 👍

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hmmmmm well it's subjective.

thanks for sharing about steem silver & steem dollar.
thats good
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