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Well, you can't quiet compare that with what I mentioned.
Those are only medals, not official currency coins. If I would order them, I would have to pay 19% VAT (and may be some other import tax or postage) on top of the price.
And then I have a coin that nobody knows here, and that is .999 grade. All the "good standard" coins are .9999 today. Just check it out: the Australian, the Canadian, the Austrian ect, they all do .9999 since a few years.
The currency coins are well known (among stackers and dealers) and even if they are a little more expensive for the minting, I only have to pay 9% or so VAT for them.

Have a look at the web shop of one of the biggest german bullion dealers, then you can see the prices in Euro (and the difference to the spot Euro prices if you look them up on kitko or somewhere else). The prices shown already include VAT (but not postage).


That’s theft!
You guys should be protesting your government doing this!

Sadly USA could easily try to tax it too I’m future of a socialist leftist gets elected but they will likely try to do A windfall tax on selling not buying.
It really is messed up ! 18% tax on this kinda item, wow that’s a corrupt policy


19% is the normal rate of VAT that you pay on everything here in Germany, except food products, they are only 7% VAT. But not apple juice, thats also 19. And living horses, they are 19%. Donkeys and Zebras are only 7 though. No joke - thats really true. Gods ways are wondrous - but thats nothing compared to tax regulations.
19% is not even the highest VAT in Europe. I think Britain has 21 or so, and most other countries are around the 20%.
And AFAIK you have VAT in the US too. The devious thing there is, that they dont say this in adverts and price tags - only when you pay they add it to the bill. Thats not nice...

But protesting against a tax has never worked yet. Thats the great thing in our democrathies: you can protest against anything anytime, they dont arrest you, like in some other countries. Infact, they dont give damn at all.


Just so your aware
When selling you won’t get any extra money because something is .9999 instead of.999
You’ll get same price for resale
Aside from any rare coins that have a slight premium.. at least here

999 ounces, I would so do that if I had that much fiat laying around!