Steemit Morning market Vlog check in.

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago 

Update 5 min later -

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U said by June or so right? Because after that it’s not enough time?
We shall see 👍
If nothing happens by 2021 we’ll know it’s hoax and disinformation that Trump is a hero of sound money. The president begging for negative rates
But hey we will see

Let me know when that happens. I’m waiting


Trump doesn’t have a plan for sound money.
Q is a debunked hoax. We’ve been over this.
I don’t mind debating
I Like and respect ya
But when u just keep sending the same videos over and over it’s not helping ur argument
Just comes off spammy.

Yea u sent this to me like 8 times. It’s just talk. Let me know when it’s fact.


Watched it twice when u first sent


If I end up being wrong and ur right
I will be happy and cheer it 👍

It’s literally just a campaign speech.

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