Uh Oh, not another steem round post!

in steemsilvergold •  5 months ago


Sorry, it is another steem round post 😋

Canada Post finally found the middle of the country and I got my package today.

Well a big exciting package calls for a big exciting knife.


I honestly couldn't remember what I ordered. I knew I decided not to order very many rounds this year, but I couldn't remember what numbers, or how many. Well 2. I ordered 2 but I got number 67 and 201.



So there we go,these are spectacular silver rounds! Everyone involved absolutely knocked it out of the park on this. A great complimentary round with last year's amazing round!!!


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Nice!! I wished I ordered more myself...

Got mine today to here in Calgary!

Awesome buddy, but why are they upside down??? 😉😜

They're so much better in the hand aren't they!!


They're really good

Nice!!! I’m loving that Steem coin!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Even upside-down these rounds are beautiful!


I did that for you buddy! Brazil is on the bottom half of the globe, so for you they're the right way round.😆

SWEET, @fat-elvis and Low Numbered Pieces too...............


They're awesome!!!

Glad you finally got them my friend...they look so much better in person.😀


They're really great!

They're beautiful 😎👍

Even better in person hey? The 2018s are very beautiful.


They sure are! Great design, great execution.

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Nice to see more Canucks with the silver rounds. I got mine on the 29th. 👍