A small addition to the stack

in steemsilvergold •  last month

Well, it's been slow for stack additions lately, in fact, it's been negative. I've sold some of my stack to pay for life issues.

But, I have a new one to add today. A 2019 maple.



Ummm. Her Majesty looks like a skinny man in drag in this pic. So there's that.

Anyway, it's shiny, it's silver, and it's a bit more silver in the stack.


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Its all by ounces bro. They need to update that picture to the prune faced old hag.


They need to put something else other than a monarch on our coins. I am not a monarchist, I guess I'm more of a Republican like the Irish and Scottish.

I like it! Drag Monarch and all 😜🤣😂👍


He's been a grand queen. God save the King!


Bah ha ha 😳😜🤣

Damn maples are goood lookin'.


Always. Always a great addition!

Nice score @fat-elvis! I need to pick one up for my Maple Book. LOL. His majesty.


They're always a good standard add. But yeah, his Majesty looks a bit skinny and weird.

You have to love a new Maple. It looks great and is a great pick up @fat-elvis!


I like any new silver! But yea maples are a bit special. Cheers KS