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I have been investing for over 50 years. In general I've done OK but starting about 20 years ago,
I began to notice the stock market was becoming more corrupt. I lost a lot of money in the Enron and WorldCom scandals. Also noticed that most of the trading was being done by insider computers rather than individual investors like me; In short Wall Street had become a corrupt casino where an individual investor didn't really stand a chance!
This knowledge along with the 2008 crash caused me to exit a lot of my equity positions for gold and silver which is one of the things I think has true intrinsic value.
It has served it's purpose as an insurance against what the government is doing to the USD; But because of the complete manipulation of it's markets; Any profit from those investments has been denied.
I started investing in cryptocurrencies about 5 months ago. The profit potential is amazing but don't think the long term intrinsic value insurance thing is as good as precious metals.
With the above info in mind, my current strategy is to trade and hodl crypto and then bleed off some of the profits into physical metals. So far this seems like a winner!
I think this strategy will be adopted by many over time and as such opens up a real profit opportunity for the existing precious metal and cryptocurrency dealers/exchanges.
Currently the only precious metals dealer that I've got experience with accepting crypto for metals is Provident Metals, Dallas, Tx. They only accept bitcoin in a one way transaction.
What I see as a real opportunity is for a precious metals dealer and a crypto exchange/dealer to make an agreement to set up an entity that could trade precious metals and crypto currencies in two way trades. I think based on present conditions it would be a world beater!


Goldmoney accepts crypto currency to purchase gold. But, it is one way only.

Yes I'm a GoldMoney Member but as of my last info they only accept bitcoin for gold at their Dubai vault with further restrictions.
Thanks for reading my post!

yes, that is correct. I also didn't like the apparent cost to do it the one time I did. Most of the fees or exchange rates were invisible. Similar reason I don't really like using ShapeShift.

and JM Bullion accepts bitcoin to purchase pm's.

Thanks for the post, I think I shall employ the same strategy in the future.