Steem Silver Gold ---> Mail Call With @Underground & @DarkMrMystic

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There is nothing better than when a girl receives a present, sad to say we just love them. Maybe everybody loves them so let's just say I adore gifts. Sometimes I express my frustration about not winning much in the #SteemSilverGold group, but in reality I do receive quite a few gifts. I have won a couple of upvote initiatives from members and steem basic income. These help my account grow and I'm very thankful for the members that have been so giving to me.


Thank You @Underground, @DarkMrMystic, @ArmsHippie, @Tbn4flsun, & More

My number one is @Underground, who always supports all I do and has sent me a few beautiful coins to boot. Without @DarkMrMystic this gifting would not have been possible, so I thank him too. These two guy make me laugh and keep me going on tough days. We are also in @MinnowBootCamp together so we are playing with bots and kidding around quite a bit during the week.

Well, a situation came up where Dark was selling some coin and it was one I have been wanting for a long time, Undy bought some and guess what I got in the mail ...


Undy told me something was in the mail, so the excitement was REAL. Photo taken by @eaglespirit

The best part is getting a piece of mail from someone you've built a great relationship with on Steemit, if you haven't received anything yet then build relationships and find your tribe. You will find those that you really care about and they care about you.


I Just Love Dark's Note. Photo taken by @eaglespirit

Even though Dark didn't share many words, these ones really encouraged me and brought me joy. It's kind of a guy note, but that's okay its the sentiment behind the words, and I felt them Bro Bro.


My STEEM Silver Rounds, Score. Photo taken by @eaglespirit

There was a time I thought I would never own these beauties and boy are they shiny. So shiny in fact that I could barely get them in the photo because of the gleam. Woo Hoo!


Amazing work created by @sevinwilson, @raybrockman, and @welshstacker. Photo taken by @eaglespirit

If you haven't started stackin' your silver yet then these are a nice option for starting a collection series, and if you haven't yet bought these then they are worth the purchase. They are as advertised and amazing quality. Anything with a tree just draws me in and who doesn't want something that has our beloved STEEM name on it, I mean what are we here for but to make it happen people.

Photo on 2018-09-11 at 11.20.jpg

Holding Silver Is Awesome. Try It, You Might Fall In Love. Photo taken by @eaglespirit

My deepest appreciation to my two men Underground and Dark for a lovely collaboration and amazing surprise. Much Love!



Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. I’m a Certified Indian Blood member of the Hopi & Apache Native American tribes, Reiki Master-Teacher, Medicine woman in-training, paralegal, researcher, and writer based in the mountains of Colorado, USA. I work closely with fellow planktons and minnows in a few groups by helping them adjust to Steemit and curate quality content. I’m especially interested in finding others who love natural medicine originating from ancient practices, gold and silver, and energy work. Additionally, I'm the creator of #MedicineCardMonday and #FreedomFriday, so if you are interested in receiving Native American Medicine stop by my blog every Monday to say hello!

A'OO, Eagle Spirit

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A fabulous addition to a collection, and I love the tree on there, too!
How pretty! heart_eyes.png the coins and the sweet lady holding them 💙


yay i know right!? the tree is super beautiful and thank you my kitty! xo

PJ’s and silver? Winning! 😄


dood thats a lil freaky that you noticed ahahahaha figured someone would and why not be mah finney gurl 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Always observing. 😄

OMG, @eaglespirit!!!! I totally forgot!!! Goodness, I will get it to you next week!!!!But my, oh my... those are beautiful additions to your stack! Stack on, my friend! @underground and @darkmrmystic are sure great guys! Take care.


yay!! thank you SS!! 🤗🤗🤗

Very nice addition to your collection my friend. Those Steem rounds are awesome.👍


thank you silverD! :) they are so beautiful i love them xo

So glad they got there safe! Hope they bring your stack some "beautiful" weight


me too! woo hoo ... yes the weight is great and shiny :)

@eahlespirit you are so cirrect that it is about the relationdhips. I have never been more welcomed or found more considerate people than when I became a part of the precious metals community. Congrats on some beautiful Steem Rounds! Thank you for sharing!


yay, i'm so glad you are a part of the ssg, its a sweet group. :)

Very nice!!! Keep stacking! (I did upvote this wonderful post!):)


thank you so much, i really appreciate your kind support and cheerleading. :)

Oh, I love gifts too! So exciting for you to get packages in the mail and the coins are super cool!


@kimberlylane yes yes very exciting moment, thank you for visiting :)