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Avast ye steemians on this #piratesunday!! Sadly, there have been a few technical malfunctions on the Silver Wing this week and it has put us far behind. First our washing facilities went down, then our calculating and navigation equipment failed, and finally a few port holes broke and are in need of repair. Long story short this pirate has been having a very long beginning to this year lol. These items have put us behind and unable to get the next arc of The Foundry posted, but we will still be showing off an amazing piece from the pirate-verse . This is a hand poured Captain K Cob made by the one and only @corndogg42 (Sir Cornelius of Doggshire), whom also produced the original mold! In total I know of only four Cob that he poured. One he kept for himself, two we sent to @dixiesilverminer for Captain K himself, and the last one made its way to me! {All photos by @dwingsworld}

(Obverse of the Captain K Cob)

As you can see the obverse of the cob features an incused skull with "CAPT N K " underneath. The cob is designed to look aged and handmade as cobs were.

(Reverse of Captain K Cob)

The reverse of the Cob features its serial number, which is #3. Then if you look right beside it you will see @corndogg42 custom stamp. These were the first pieces that he stamped as well! It also notes the material the cob is made of .999 fine silver. This side with the toning is great to look too.

@corndogg42 unmistakable COA that arrived with the Cob. The front showing off his very unique and interesting logo.

The rear shows the name of the piece, its number, its metal, and the weight of 1.49 troy ounces

I would also like to show of the cases that I modified and sent to Captain K for his cobs.

These are the chest after I stained them both from an off white to a darker brown.

This is the finished case. I added a black velvet surround that wraps around a clear holding case for the cob. I also laminated the COAs and then attached them to the lid of the chest for display. The COAs are able to be pulled off and looked at then reattached.

Here is the finished product holding a cob. It is how it appears when you open the chest to remove the cob. My initial design called for the clear case to be removable, however I was unable to make it work in the time frame I set for myself. Maybe next time lol.


Well what do you guys think? What a fantastic #piratesunday and make sure to check out @stokjockey the OG pirate! Make sure to check out @corndogg42 and if you like unique and cool poured silver hit him up! That goes for @dixiesilverminer they produce classy and wonderful pieces that deserve to be seen as well. Check out their website Here. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to support me and please remember to upvote, resteem, and reply!

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(Precious thanks to @silversaver888)

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Thank You for always being a Part of #PirateSunday


Thank you @stokjockey!!

The @corndogg42 Cob, an appropriate gift to the Captain without resorting to tossing him into the sea just to make some merry in the joyful season. An authentic styled replica.


now tossing him into the sea is not out of the question lol


He learned t'swim since, fish'in him oot of th' water was part o' th' Christenin to put it lightly.


Ah memories and happy times! Thanks my crewmates, @kerrislravenhill and @Corndogg42, for the support!!