2019 Goals a Little Late

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Welcome to D Wings World out there in the Steem-verse! This is where information and adventure await! Firstly, I want to apologize for being slightly absent as of late. I have a lot of items going on and they will be covered in one of my future videos. Additionally, I am currently suffering through laptop issues and am hoping to get those fixed as soon as possible. I have been planning on doing a goals post for 2019, and I know what you are thinking. It’s early February so a little late to the party. I totally agree with you that this post is very late, but needless to say still important.


To start off I want to cover my metals goals for the year. I will be continuing my normal strategy of building my base stack of American Silver Eagles and Constitutional Silver. This along with continuing to purchase the series that I am currently invested in. This would be the Marvel Comics Coin Series, The Icons of Route 66 (Apmex), the World of Dragons (Provident Metals), Queens Beast, and the Rwandan Nautical Ounces. However, there will be a slight change in how I am doing my budgeting for my stacking. I am attempting to make a “slush” fund so to speak so that I will always have cash on hand for metals purchases and larger deals. I have projected this to be approximately 2000 USD or more in order to increase my ability to not only buy larger deals, but take advantage of deals quickly.


In terms of what I would like to do this year I have one large goal. I want to have an ounce of gold in my stack. Now, I would prefer this to be a full ounce of a bullion issue or a Pre-33 $20 Double Gold Eagle. This decision will most likely be made by the spot price of gold when I am able to pull the trigger on the deal. If golds spot is below $1300 then I believe I will go with the bullion, but if its above that marker I will grab the Pre-33. I know that the Pre-33 is slightly below a full troy ounce (30.1 grams approximately), but I believe its history and design eclipse that fact.


I also have a few community pieces on my radar that I am looking to pick up from several very talented pourers and great community members. These will be done as funds allow, and given my building of a “slush” fund may be slowed up this year. I do have a bigfoot print #1 with my name on it from Skullys Corner (Check @beyeridgedesigns/ HERE, and over on Metalsmafia.com ) though and that’s a must!


My next items up are my social media platforms; steemit and youtube. Both I am hoping to invest more time into the community with. I made a goal last year of posting on Steemit at least twice a week and I blew that out of the water for the most part. I would like to continue with that trend and perhaps post at least three to four times a week (if not daily). When I examine my presence on YouTube I want to do two main things; get back to my beginnings and follow up with my subs quicker. Life has gotten busy (as it does) but I want to start connecting with everyone more again and watching more content like I used to. The communities surrounding both these platforms are immensely important to me and I feel that I need to be better for them. This is a large portion of my 2019 goals.

Some additional platform goals are to get an actual logo designed for my channel either by me or someone with artistic ability lol. I also have vids that I shot this time last year and are not very happy with because the subjects are so important to me. I believe I will be refilming these and making them the caliber they should be.


In the “real world” of adulting I have two primary goals to meet. I have a house I am currently working on to flip and it must be done this year as to have it on the market. The proceeds from this home will go to the purchase of my first rental property (hopefully one of zillions). I am a firm believer in having multiple income streams. This ensures your prosperity and ability to adapt and overcome all obstacles. Rental units allow me to have passive income and to grow my net worth while eliminating some of the time taken away from my family, friends (you guys are totally in this), and my community (local and digital).


Well there you have it. My goals for this new year, a little late, somewhat extreme, and there may be even more in store if some side projects get off the ground. I really appreciate you guys checking out my goals and your support it amazing! Please remember to upvote, resteem, and reply!

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A zillion rental properties?! It's good to have goals ❗

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nice goals I think I'm going to have to change mine up a little

I've got only One rental income property in place of a totally absent working spouse, I hope to add more after the Economic collapse. a lot more. I can dream can I?