Year of the dog 1oz Silver, 2006

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Hi steemit

This is the year of the dog 1 oz silver coin from New Zealand Mint. It is year 2006. So 12 years ago. Chinese lunar year is 12 yearly cycle represented by 12 animals


The back side of the coin. Kingdom of Cambodia


It comes with a box and certificate


If you keep your silver in a capsule and away from humid places it can still look nice after 12 years.


A closer look at the coin


Precious metals price continue to go up a little, and cryptocurrency also goes up

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Ha ha I like that face of dog! It's beautiful! Stunning coin with nice theme!
When you start invest on crypto?


I don't like the look of this coin but the silver inside it give the reason of this investment hehehe. Regards


thank you dim753, yes the dog doesn't look very happy, but it is still silver


For sure there is the value

Nice dog silver coin.
I am not too thrilled about Cambodia though ...


thank you freedomshift, yes i would have just one out of curiousity

I knew Silver has been “going to the dogs” the past few years ....and now you are showing me. LOL. Soon they will be BIG dogs :-)


thank you floridanow, i believe in investing something that is not popular, not only it will give you biggest returns, also the satisfaction of being right

HAHA where do you store all of these goodies! You must have a room dedicated to just your collectibles :P I have an entire safe box filled with goodies- old coins and silver bullion. I'm waiting for silver to jump to $50 an ounce again and then I'm gonna dump everything I have for more Bitcoin or fiat.


thank you hotsauceislethal, the safest place to store is the place where you never told other people. lol . For me it is either Cryptos or Precious metals that will shine in the new monetary system, depending on the scenarios

Wow! This one is quite special! Look at the packing box!
Never seen one from Cambodia before!!



thank you kaminchan, yes it is quite unique and the box and packaging is briliant

@djohan, These dog silver coin so impressive looks indeed. The dog design not satisfaction to me. Dog has cruel looks. But another side smart.


thank you madushanka, yes the dog isn't looking happy, but i like the coin as i don't see many of these coins around

Wow look !!!. its really amazing coin. great money saving
Thanks @djohan
Have a great day


thank you goldcoin

Good evening @djohan. Forgive me for making this joke, but these dogs are more serious than me and this is too much to say, ha ha ha.
Well, the coin looks very good, it's inside the capsule, very well preserved, the cryptocurrencies are recovering, now if I'm going to look at my wallet.
See you soon and I'm sorry for my joke:)


thank you martha75, yes the dog is looking grumpy :) , but i like this coin as it looks unusual and unique. I started buying some cryptos again this week. Hopefully this is the bottom

You have some good collection of coins. The coins looks new. Yes it is good to see that crypto and the precious metal is rising


thank you kamchore, the coin is really old but still looking new as it is inside capsule and box. Maybe we will see happy time again in cryptos

Nice chinese new year symbol silver coin.
Please edit the heading of post 2016 to 2006


Thank you spiritualpower, oh yes i mistyped to 2016, thanks for letting me know

This is memorable silver coin. Thanks for sharing this coin .


thank you pardeepkumar, yes it is nice to collect each year of coins with different design

Is this your pretty dog ?

thanks for upvoteU5dsppcNJMM2rn9aoXkiw43DvanrzzY.gif

not too beautiful coin haha

You have these special coins too wonderful i should start collecting too :D after crypto its time to grab some silver coins too

Glad to see both Precious metals and Crypto are going up together,
btw amazing collection brother.