3/4 ounce Canadian Howling wolf silver coins

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

Hi Steemit

These are the 2016, 3/4 ounce Canadian Howling Wolf silver coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. I think there are different designs for each year. Good for collection


The Queen at the back of the coins


A closer look at the coins


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Wow it's beautiful! Howling wolves and the moon! It made a precious look to that coin with the Queens head! nice and excellent coin collection!



Thank you theguruasia, yes all Canadian mint must have Queen for legal tender coins

I like .9999 silver.
BTW, why the color - is it a different lighting source?


thank you freedomshift, yes i tried different angles but still has some reddish color, probably from the sunlights, but it doesn't show when on the GIF image

@djohan, That's very precious coin module. Front and back side's designs impressive. Nice selection of Canadian Howling wolf silver coins you got already.


thank you madushanka, i really like these animal series from Canadian mint, will buy some more

This one is quite different! The wolves are so big, they almost look like lions!! I guess there is no howling sound coming out of the box!


thank you kaminchan, haha no sound effect on this one, just the mouth open for the wolf

Howling wolf engraved in coin are looking awesome. Thanks for sharing @djohan


thank you kamchore

Both coins are nice . Thanks for sharing


thank you pardeepkumar

Good collection of silver coins . But it's colors looks like gold .


thank you spiritualpower, that is reflection from the light, so makes it a bit red and yellow

If only they could replace the queen with Melania . :-)


thank you manorvillemike, haha yes only the commonwealth countries need to have Queen at the back, US coins don't have Queen.

For the howling Wolf they remind me of Game of Thrones John Snow


thank you rehan12, yes Game of Thrones would make nice coin designs too

the wolf on silver coins looks great at first looks great collection


thank you blazing, the Canadian mint have a lot of animal in their coin designs, i am going to buy some other animals

I love the Canadian Mint Maple Leaf stamp with the embedded hologram. Really unique and sets the coin apart from the rest.

Why did the wolves howl at the moon? Maybe they'll tell us on the next coin. Until then, we'll just have to enjoy the pictures of yours until we can get our own.