2 oz Silver rounds American Landmarks

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Hi Steemit

These are the 2 oz silver rounds, American Landmarks series. These 2 are Pearl Harbor and Liberty Island. The rounds are thick and come with capsules to protect the silver from tarnish


The back of the rounds


A closer look at the rounds. First up the Liberty Island


Pearl Harbor


It seems both cryptocurrencies and precious metals are down. That means our dollar is up and we can buy more cryptos and precious metals

Thank you for viewing

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Yeah they looks so stunning and precious like yesterday coins as well! Like you said it's a good market time to collect more coins! Coz we all know there is a huge BULL trend is awaiting to see in the end of this year and 2019 as well!



thank you theguruasia, yes when it is low sometimes it is hard to convince yourself to buy , but it is usually the best time when confident is low in the market

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

You continue collecting silver coins so i want to read you in a year and know the % of gains that you will have :), beautiful design. Regards


thank you dim753, yes hopefully i put my money in the right place, will find out in a year or 2

I was looking at two dragon round-coin - one is 2 oz. ($42) and the other is 1/2 oz ($15).
I am still struggling because I prefer 1 oz. silver ...


thank you freedomshift, i would prefer the 2 oz as 1/2 oz are usually more expensive per ounce

I am looking for the price movement before end of 2018 to be measurable. The word is JP Morgan closed their shorts and are now long.


thank you floridanow, yes i heard about the JP Morgan move, but they were once short and the people were against them and bought lots of silver

How much does each cost/weigh?


thank you runicar, the weight is 2 troy oz for each coin, cost around US $40

@djohan, You've nice collection of Silver rounds American Landmarks. There are so many unique fashionable designs indeed. Nice animation creations.


thank you madushanka, yes these are nice to collect with beautiful designs

I'll try to stop by to check these babies out. I'll be super busy this week. Hope everything is getting better up ahead!


thank you kevbot, i would just continue buying cryptos and precious metals as a savings

The Pearl Harbour coin has a very strange design! I would expect a war ship on it! But this looks like a building?!

It’s the best time to buy silver coins!


thank you kaminchan, i think this is the memorial museum where you can visit in Hawaii

Correct in this moment we can find deals in almost any markey i hope in some months we can have good gains based in our work and effort i mean i hope markets can return the confidence that we deposit in them. Have a nice day


thank you martha75, i was a bit late to enter the market, and i wished i could buy more cryptos when it was low, and now it's my chance

Wow amazing silver coin. this is valuable and its really look.
thanks @djohan
Have a nice day


thank you goldcoin

I just hope the cryptocurrencies became high again @djohan

A stunning colloection, anyway @djohan

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

thank you anggreklestari, yes it will be back high again, now it's good time to buy when they are low

They have a very attractive relief. But for many these coins have a sentimental value and I do not blame them!


thank you cinefilo, yes it is also slightly more expensive than the normal designs, i would buy these just for collections


You're right, that's what I meant!

Nice silver coins . So you are shopping silver coins now or these are old coins ?


thank you spiritualpower, i am still shopping as price is low again

Good silver coins. Capsules are necessary to protect these coins . Thanks


thank you pardeepkumar, yes silver needs capsules to protect them from becoming brown

Coins are looking awesome from both sides . Nice gif and pics

Iconic collection there with beautiful silver coins :) thanks for sharing that

what a beautiful coins 😍 thanks djohan for giving us creative coins

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