2 oz 2018 Australian Dove Silver coin

in steemsilvergold •  16 days ago

Hi Steemit

Precious metals are still down and cryptos are up today.

This is the 2 oz 2018 Australian Dove silver coin. 1918 End of world war 1 is written in the front. And the word Peace as background of the dove


2 dollars Legal tender and the Queen at the other side of the coin


A closer look at the coin. Hopefully you can see the thickness of this 2 oz coin from the gif


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Good looking coin, I like the thickness. You would think after 100 years people would learn to live in peace.


thank you edkarnie, maybe fighting is in our DNA, lol

A coin with valuable meaning! Stunning and a good coin to the collection!



thank you theguruasia

Beautiful bird design. 2oz is a heavy coin!


thank you onepagex, yes 2 oz is really thick coin

Beautiful coin, I recently got one its not fancy but at least its something will post about it soon.


thank you bitcoinman, it doesn't have to be fancy, silver is silver, but it certainly is more fun to have some fancy ones

End of World Wars...that is worth infinite daily prayers.


thank you floridanow, there is always a war somewhere, it never ended

Hi @djohan ,I like how the coin looks on both sides, one more for your collection, very well friend.


thank you martha75, yes very peaceful looking design, another one to collect

Nice time to invest in coins. Let's hope crypto fly high like dove. Thanks for sharing pics & gif images


thank you kamchore, yes cryptos are showing some good signs, and steem is going high

The great business for coin saving . good work and great photography
Thanks @djohan
Have a great day.


thank you goldcoin, yes silver is a great way to save, otherwise i would spend the money for useless things

This coin is very heavy!! Would they also have 3 or 5 oz coins?! Then the coins would be thick like a book!!

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thank you kaminchan, i don't think there are 3 oz and 5 oz version of this one, would buy it if they make them

This coin is well made i mean the dove looks perfect i think they use a CNC machine to create it. Regards


thank you dim753, yes i think so. The dove looks so peaceful, perfect for memory of the end of world war 1

Beauty piece, thanks for showing it off.


thank you edthecanadian

Beautiful chunk of change....


thank you manorvillemike, yes nice and thick

Beautiful coin . Design and it's weight both are good .


thank you pardeepkumar

Nice coin, and unfortunately we still haven't seen much peace since 1918.


thank you kerrislravenhill, yes there was ww2 to follow soon after 1918, and many other unfortunately

superb in looks really a great one to hold


thank you blazing