Road Trip the Instagram #communitypourgaw bar off to the next destination

This epic GAW conceived by @msagan continues!!!!!
We have gathered some of the smaller pourers of Instagram together to give back to the very community that got us started!! We are giving a 15.98 Troy oz 999 silver bar away with all of our stamps on it and a COA from each of us!!
On June 20th the story began with pouring THE BAR! here is a link to our earlier post on it:

The bar went from Vollmerpouredsilver to @polarbearpours

ig giveaway.png
he shared this awesome video with Instagram yesterday!

Rules and regulations will be posted in the near future. Spread the word, share and repost!!!
follow the #communitypourGAW
Make sure you are on Instagram and follow everyone 👇
@dixiesilverminer @recklessmetals @polarbearpours @californiawildpig @stackin.weight @john.mcclane87_jjmbars @bullseyesilverbars @jp_metals @heavymetals713 @chirostacktor @evolmetals @vollmerpouredsilver @santoro_precious_metals @blue_line_bullion
As the bar travels the country to be stamped there will be updates along the way!
Stay tuned for full details and the GAW date!!
Thanks for reading and Happy Stacking!

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

so its mine right I thought we all talked about it and I was going to win it I mean thats what I remember in my mind lol