MR4 - Americana Trade Unit Four Pack!

in #steemsilvergoldlast year (edited)

It’s on like Donkey Kong


It’s MONSTER RAFFLE FOUR and do you know what that means? It means I am parting with FOUR ounces of .999 fine silver!!!! Three shiny ounces and one ultra toned gas fire beauty!



Not only are these rounds “trade units” but each has a very American vibe. Let’s have a closer peek! Remember each one is a Troy Oz of .999 fine silver.


So American

Round One - The Liberty Bell


This round depicting Philadelphia’s iconic Liberty Bell was struck by California Crown Mint. The letters CCM are just visible under the left side of the bell.

Round Two - Bald Eagle


” The bald eagle was chosen June 20, 1782 as the emblem of the United States of America, because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks, and also because it was then believed to exist only on this continent.” source

Round Three - Morgan Trade Unit


Ok, this is not a Morgan silver dollar, it is instead a trade unit reproducing the image on a Morgan. Tricky... Morgan silver dollars depict this image of lady liberty as designed by, George T. Morgan, a US Mint assistant engraver. This image appeared on US silver dollar coins from 1878-1904 and in 1921.

Round Four - The Grazing Buffalo


What American centennial is celebrated from 1883-1983? WHO KNOWS? Why does this buffalo have such a cheeky grin? Also unknown! But how exciting that this thing is so toned that it has turned the color of a penny!!!


OK, this is the back of the buffalo. The camera is just not doing this thing justice! The thing is all blue, purple and pink. Polish it if you want 😂🤣😂, but it is pretty fancy as it is now.

So that is my donation to Monster Raffle 4. One juicy 4oz prize!

Raffle tickets are already on sale! Each entry costs 1SBD and you may purchase unlimited entries. To buy tickets please send your SBD to @monster-raffle. Every person to purchase 100 tickets or more will also receive a one oz piece of silver directly from @raybrockman! Winners will be drawn live on discord from the Alliance Block Party on June 22nd and need not be present to win.

Fun Times



Image by @edxserverus.

@enginewitty has been busting his chops (and probably many other things) to host a HUGE Steemit get together in Colorado. The event runs from June 20-23rd. Heaps of cool steemians are going to be there, and YOU CAN TOO! Check out the latest HERE

Happy Day Everyone!


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What a great donation. 😳wowzers.

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Thanks @tbnfl4sun! I don’t have the crypto to buy tickets but I have the silver to juice up the pot. ☺️

Peach butt awesome? 😂🤣😂

That is one good prize @dfinney! Everyone will be shooting for this one I am sure.

Well, you never know what else will end up in the kitty!

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Madame Prezzo!

Laying it down like a black-jack dealer 🤩👍👍

Always bet on ssg! 😂

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Excellent prizes!!!! All the more reason to buy tickets!

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Yay! Thanks ironshield! More tickets is always the goal. ☺️

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Holy crap! All of them are awesome! Although, that gif would also be pretty cool if it came in silver...

Lol Disco gif!

100 tickets!? For the @raybrockman special? I'm getting the feeling I'm out of my league already.

Me as well! But the nice thing is, it only takes one lucky ticket to win these four. ☺️

mine! pick mine!


me needs buffalo grin!


Every time you say buffalo grin I think of buffalo stance! What is wrong with me? 🤣😂🤣

well thank you very much for that ear worm.

now i have to sing something ridiculous to take its place hahahahaha

Shiny silver……. that is except one :).

Catering to all tastes. 😄

Damn, dawg! Bringin' the HEAT! This is an awesome prize @dfinney.

🐶 🔥 Makin’ it sizzle! 😄

Thanks Summer! ☺️

So kind of you to donate these to the raffle a very nice selection a fortunate winner will love

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

Thank you!

MOst welcome :)

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That toned coin. 🤤🤤🤤

If you win want me to polish it before popping it into the mail? 😂🤣😂

You can scrub the other 3 with a Brillo pad, just don't touch the toned one. LOL

Part of me wants to dip just half in silver polish like one of those denture cleaning ads. 😂🤣😂

OMG NO!!!! You may as well club a baby seal. LOL

don't you dare! hahahaha its so cooll!!!!!
and i think that picture is awesome so i cna't even imagine it in person!



as @eveningart says, "the cheek of it!"

hahahaha i'm going to have to upgrade that one to

"the very cheek of it!" what do you think Eviecakes? hehehehe

Did someone say buffalo grin?A5713A02-2392-4DE5-82D2-60860C01E98D.jpeg

hehehehe is that buffalo wings? LOL

Delicious! 😂🤣

Haha the cheek of it, madam! Oooh these rounds are gorgeous! Am hoarding sbd like a maniac for some tickets 😂

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Yup... I'd love to win those!!!! Great donation @dfinney!!!!

Thanks @silversaver888! Now we just need to find you that one magic ticket!

You know that my account is organic, like many. I rely on revenue from articles to generate SBD. And since I have been away and have not posted much, I am dirt poor on steem and sbd. I also find that many ssg members who are active do not come visit my blog, even just to reciprocate my support for them, but that is okay. The MR4 will serve as a motivation for me to post as often as possible so that I can buy me some tickets! Cross your fingers, my sweet friend @dfinney!

Same here. I can usually only afford to buy two tickets to the raffle, but I always hope one will managed to get picked.☺️

I am surprised people aren’t visiting your blog. Well.... actually I am not surprised because there are plenty of “active” folks who only visit their own blogs and who only reply to comments on their posts.... if they even bother to do that.

You are a lovely human with a beautiful collection! And if people aren’t taking the time to reciprocate the Steem love are they worth it?

NO! They aren’t worth it at all.

Have a wonderful Saturday! 🤗

and as for you as well...

1SBD coming your way - cuz you're worth it!

i hope that it brings you something special in the MR4!!!

sending love :)

You are a nut.... in the best way!

Thank you! 🤗

youre welcome! i got my 3 tix today! wooooot


You see why I call you "My sweet friend", @dfinney! Your hubby and friends (and furbabies) must love you so much!
Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!

well miss - i've been away also - but you have always been so special to me!

I'd like to send you 1 SBD so that you can put in another ticket into the raffle :)

sending your way now!

(and sending love to you too)

Oh my Goodness!!!! I got it!!! The SBD for a magic ticket !!! Yay!!!
You are unbelievably sweet @dreemsteem, and what a surprise! THANK YOU!!!

hehehehe may it be the SPECIAL one!!! :)

i wanna win yours!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

that buffalo has stolen my heart! he totally does have a cheeky grin!

ok - off to enter now!!! :)

That buffalo coin is sick

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