28oz of Christmas

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What the faaak?


OK, OK. I know it is August, and no one wants to be thinking of Christmas yet. (Well except for maybe all the retailers... 🤔) But I was rearranging my stack this morning and couldn’t help but notice my growing collection of Christmas Silver.


28oz of shiny holiday baubles.

There are bars:



There are rounds:


There is even a little hand poured:



This is also a reminder.

There is silver out there for everyone’s taste.

I know the stacker community is pretty active on Steemit, but perhaps you have never considered stacking (or coin collecting) yourself. Well, you don’t need to be a prepper or convinced about the imminent demise of the banking system to find coins and rounds that speak to you. I love Christmas. What better way to feed that interest than turning some of my cash into pretty silver.😍

All of these were gifts or bought pretty close to the silver spot price. This means I basically turned $17 of cash into $17 worth of silver. It is easy to switch it back to cash if needed. However, if the silver price goes up.... that means more money for me! 🎉 💰 💵 In the meantime, I have little pieces of art that are far more fun to me than dollar bills.

Fun is FUN 😄🥳🙃

So think about something you enjoy. Then head to google, or eBay or your local coin/pawn shop to find one ounce of silver related to that interest you love. Buy it! Then reap the rewards!



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Its all silver, whatever floats your boat 🤣🤣🤣

giphy (26).gif

No dammit chocolate starfish....😂🤣😂🤣



Silverd’s starfish collection must me plentiful. 😂

Summer’s comment to you says it all. 🤣😂

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😂 I reminded the friend that I took with me to the coin shop, the she had some old coins and traditional silver spoons from growing up! It's cool when people remember real value unit, and hold some silver in the hand 😁

Btw, that gif was quite hypnotizing!

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Hypnotizing you say?.... 😄😃


It's that Christmas thing, just as bad as my Gothic Pirate theme. All we need is a silver with a Gothic Pirate Christmas one.

Gothic Pirate Christmas?!!!!



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That's a great collection. I bet lots of people are ready for Christmas or at least cooler Halloween weather! Love the puppies in the Santa hats😍

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I saw Halloween stuff at the store last week! I am not ready. 🤣😂🤣

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You and @stokjockey are having Christmas in August!

Hr is probably why I dug all of mine out!

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Fun stuff! We've actually been thinking and talking a lot about Halloween just the last few days... 🤔😆 Why are we starting to think about the end of summer, something in the air? I have seen 'back to school' ads already! That's when you know summer is coming to an end! :)

It’s because September is looming! And the nights and mornings are just a little bit darker every day. I love fall though. Agrotourism is the BEST!

What a fun, fun and awesome show, @dfinney!!! I love it (especially the gif at the very end. Wonderful work!)... and the shinies! That is quite a collection there, my sweet friend!

I should have thrown in one of these in! 😄

Beautiful and so appropriate with you artcle, @dfinney.... it made me smile. Luv ya!

Thats a real collection of Christmas Silver, I do not mind thinking forward to Christmas I will be so close to retiring by then

Retirement!!! Oh man! So exciting. I would like to retire. Now. But alas I have at least 20 years to go! 🤣😂🤣😭😭😄

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Yay! You found me again!

I love your collection of Christmas rounds and bars @dfinney!! I know I have one or two Christmas rounds in my small collection here. I can see how these would be fun to collect as well! 🎄 😉

So You do Have those WEIRD Shaped Peanut Type Santa's @dfinney

I do! I love them. 😍

Peanut Santa are both of Yours Golden State Mint ??

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They are. But mine don’t have dates on them. I think one of mine is the same as the one you shared. But it looks like someone soldered off the date on the back.

I love their shape! So unique. And both were LCS generic bin finds. So the prices were great.

Thank you Ms. Finney I appreciate you letting me know since I always have my eyes open to see if I find different ones......

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Wow! 😍
They really do have everything in silver to collect... Lol
I seen a santa silver once, but had no idea there was sooo many christmas silver.
I Loove your collection and it don't matter its August and not december cause I totally loved seing this 😊 love The snowflake and christmas bars... Heck... I love them all 😂 Hahahaha

Thank you for sharing and being YOU 🤗🌹💞 much love!

The snowflake is probably one of my most favorite items out of all of my silver.

I still haven’t gotten my orders in the mail. After seeing all of your recent goodies I had to get my old goodies out for a silver fix. 🤣😂🥰💗💕